TMR without Previs Repair Pack

2022.01.29 06:34 AngryPlayer756 TMR without Previs Repair Pack

So I'm having this issue exclusively when I try to download Previs Repair Pack for some reason. My download speed absolutely tanks whenever I try to download PRP from nexusmods through MO2. I've restarted the download near 5 times but the error still persisted. I thought this was an issue from my end, so I tried downloading something else to troubleshoot and I managed to download all 3 parts of NMC's FNV large textures within the time it took to download 20% of PRP. Really strange situation that I can't figure out how to fix.
What am I missing out on if I just leave out PRP from The Midnight Ride? From what I've seen, it boosts FPS. Can I download the archive from somewhere other than nexusmods or do I have to just play without it? Really bizarre situation but I can't figure out how to fix this
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2022.01.29 06:34 citrinatis Just need to vent

My partner and I separated in November. The relationship was a mess, I think it was definitely codependent and certainly toxic once we moved in together. We met at 14, started dating at 15/16, were together for 8 years and lived together for 4 years. I supported him through drug addiction, mental health issues (diagnosed: autism, adhd, depression, anxiety, ptsd, panic disorder) and an auto immune disease (CRPS).
I didn’t really realise how much emotional abuse/manipulation was going on until the last year. Any time we fought it was terrible, and if I ever said I wanted to leave he said he had no one else, that he “wouldn’t be around anymore” if I left him etc. eventually I think I heard it so much that I started repeating it back, like saying I couldn’t live without him and things like that. Then he started telling me that I was selfish because he wanted to kill himself but he couldn’t because of me, and that I was forcing him to live in pain. I heard this over and over again for a long time and this too seemed to really warp my way of thinking to sometimes thinking he was right and that I should just stop trying to keep him safe cos it was wrong to do that. But whenever I did manage to keep him from a suicide attempt or self harming he would be so grateful and say he didn’t really want to die. We had been broken up for a time at around 17/18 and he had tried to commit suicide twice and engaged in serious self harm resulting in hospitalisation twice as well so I took every threat he made seriously.
I think it’s important to mention I never had a drug problem myself, so I was sober through everything that happened and remember things very differently to how he does. He has a really bad relationship with his family, obviously drugs etc. don’t help with that but both his parents are strangely unemotive and are never there when he needs them for example, of the many times he’s been in hospital his mother has only ever come to be there for him twice and I’ve never seen his father come at all. He also found out his dad is not his biological father when we were 25 so he doesn’t have a very good support system in general. There has been SO much that has happened I can’t describe every incident, but I’ll try to summarise some of the main things that have stuck with me over the years.
He got kicked out of home when we were 20 for threatening his brother with a knife when he was coming down from meth and he briefly stayed with my family and sorted himself out before he was allowed to go back home. When he went back home he got a job but the people he worked with were also addicts and he ended up basically running away from home (like leaving and not telling anyone where he was going) to live with his boss and there was a girl living there that he cheated on me with. He ended up calling me one day begging for help because he ran away from a job they were doing and went to the city and was stuck there with no money. I helped him get home and I found out about the cheating a month later because the girl messaged me out of spite because he owed her money. I wish I had left at this point but I was … weak? Young? Dumb? In love? He told me if I left he would slit his wrists.
We moved out together briefly when we were 21 to a house with his friend who then ended up losing his job because of a meth addiction which he hid from me for three months, and my partner caused long term nerve damage to his arm (radial nerve palsy) because one night he was doing heroin and passed out outside in a strange position. I was somewhat naive to drugs as I’d never been exposed to anything except weed until then and he never did heroin in front of me. I think he was having it in the bathroom. I obviously eventually figured it out and I was quite freaked out and suspicious of some of the things that were happening in the house over the time I was there, I was studying and working two jobs so I wasn’t home as much as everyone else and often the housemate would be out and my partner would be asleep when I got home. After it all came out I moved back in with my parents and he moved back in with his mum. Again he seemed to sort himself out at her place and get back to “normal”. He got some work here and there and we spent a lot of time with friends and things were going well.
About 2 years later he got kicked out of his mums house again (this time was quite unfair because he was trying to defend his stepdad in an argument with his brother and his mother and sister started telling him to get out) and moved back in with my parents - he did well, he completed a pre apprenticeship and work experience, was sober (except on weekends) and was helping out around the house. Afterward he admitted this was only because he was terrified of my dad.
He moved back into his mums after an argument with my dad who wasn’t happy with how I was being treated. He was there for another 2 years in which time his drug use escalated and he almost overdosed in the backyard but his brother found him in time to get him to hospital, and then he abruptly stopped using any drugs except for his prescribed medication. After some time we built up the trust in our relationship again and we moved out together.
Less than a month after we moved out he started using heroin again, he hid it from me for a while but once he started passing out all over the place I demanded he tell me what he was doing. He said he was taking OxyContin because he was in a lot of pain from his scoliosis. He said they were saving his life because the pain was making him want to kill himself. This was such a lonely time in my life, he would sleep all day long every day and then be up at night when I was in bed. I hated living like this and we would argue all the time, eventually he decided he needed to stop and went to hospital to get some help. He did stop with that but basically replaced it with lean, which caused other issues like stomach problems. Every single day I was afraid that I would come home and find him dead, every time he was asleep I’d check his breathing, some nights I’d stay up all night just to make sure he was alright. I’d have to basically roll him to bed on his computer chair and drag him onto the bed. I was working fulltime, studying part time, taking care of the house, our pets, him, his appointments, his medication, food, shopping, EVERYTHING. On my own basically every day. There were brief periods when he would get a little better and help out around the house and come for walks with the dog and things like that. But it never lasted. I got him seeing a private psychiatrist, a support worker from a mental health agency, an OT and waitlisted for a private psychologist. I also took him to see a dietician (when he was having stomach problems), a physio (for scoliosis) and a dentist. I paid for these things as well which I never resented, however I do think he has no idea how much this all cost or how hard I had to work to get the money for all of this and so he doesn’t really appreciate it. His abusive kind of behaviour really started to escalate after my parents and sister moved across the country, as they had previously lived around the corner from our house. I think he felt more comfortable knowing my dad wasn’t around.
He ended up passing out and breaking his ankle, refusing to get medical attention for weeks - I tried calling an ambulance and because he was screaming abuse at me they sent the police instead who did not care and cancelled the ambulance. They called me the next day to advise that they thought I was in an abusive relationship and to see if they could help me. I told them they were wrong and that they didn’t understand, he has issues with his mental health etc. anyway he only wanted to get help when his other ankle started doing the same - but he hadn’t fallen so it made no sense. He ended up going to hospital and being diagnosed with CRPS.
After this diagnosis he started to have these strange delusions and paranoia about his computer. He would stay up for up to 7 days at a a time and refuse to sleep. We argued so much and eventually during one of our arguments I pushed him out the front door and he got picked up by someone and went to his mums were he stayed from November - January. He spent a lot of this time on drugs with random people whilst still suffering from delusions thinking people, the police and random dogs were out to get him and getting into arguments with his friends over perceived slights which when I read the messages etc they were not rude or abusive or whatever he thought it was. Around about two weeks ago he went into the MHU for having such severe delusions that he got frightened by his friends and ran away from them, collapsed in the street, got sunstroke and a neighbour had to carry him back to his mums house. She’s a nurse, and once she had treated him for the sunstroke and he recovered he did things like getting naked and walking around the house talking to people who weren’t there, he was convinced the neighbour was threatening to kill him and called the police. He was in for a week, they took him off all his medication and obviously he couldn’t access any drugs. He begged me to come home and promised to follow a list of things I needed him to do in order to stay there (simple things like, going to bed every night at a normal time, eating three meals a day, going to all his appointments etc). Of course, he didn’t do a single thing except get his medication put on stage supply and only cos I pressured him in front of his psychiatrist and she agreed with me.
The way he was acting at the house was too much for me, he was still refusing to sleep at night, kept waking me up all the time saying that random people were trying to break in and things like that. I ended up calling an ambulance after 4 nights and he was taken back to hospital but they discharged him the same day. He was really rude and abusive to me basically saying I wanted to get him locked up so I didn’t have to deal with him, he repeated threats he’d made to me in the past like saying he was going to get my dog and cat taken off me by reporting me for animal cruelty and he was going to get a VRO against me for punching him in the face every day (I did NOT do this). He also passed out at one point and then woke up and stumbled around the whole house before going to the toilet, but he had peed all over himself and was passing out sitting on the toilet. I was trying to wake him up and telling him he needed to get cleaned up and go back to bed. He started yelling at me and locked me out of the toilet (I wasn’t really trying hard to stay in there so it was easy for him). I said through the door that if he wasn’t out soon I would have to call for help and I went and sat down. After a few moments he came storming out of the bathroom so angry and just threw his piss soaked underwear on my face. This was the final straw for me. After every thing I had put up with for all these years, I was just done. He said he did it because I punched him while he was on the toilet, and that I threatened to get him arrested, none of that ever happened.
I told him I wanted him to leave, I said he could sleep off whatever he had taken and when he woke up more he needed to pack his things and go. He declined to sleep and got picked up at 2am by some random people he met on Facebook. He started messaging me at 6am abusing me because he left his card in my purse (he often puts it in there so I can pay for his medication). I told him I would put it on the bench and he could pick it up. Stupid of me, but he had a key anyway as he took it with him when he left so there was no point of me leaving it outside or anything like that. I went to work. On my way home from work I got a call from my cousin who owns our house as our neighbour had reported that my partner had entered the house with a group of young men and one girl and that they had been there being really loud for hours and then one of the guys had gone over to his house and asked him to call an ambulance cos someone had passed out and wasn’t breathing. Apparently the ambulance came and left without taking anyone with them and then the people all left. I was so stressed. I raced home, found my partner passed out in the bedroom with the dog and cat locked in with him with no aircon on a 38 degree (Celsius) day, the house covered in junk food wrappers and other rubbish and two sinks full of dirty glasses and other dishes.
I took his key off him and told him again that he had to leave. He said he needed to rest then he would go. He didn’t sleep yet again, and while I was asleep he went through my phone and read all my messages to my dad, went through my reddit posts and sent them all to himself (he did not know my reddit username before), and read all the messages I’ve ever sent to his mum and his sister. When I woke up he was packing his things but throughout the day he wouldn’t leave me alone and kept annoying me (purposefully), he is still here saying he has nowhere else to go and to be honest - he’s burnt a lot of bridges and he actually doesn’t have anywhere to go. I don’t know what to do cos I don’t want to throw him out on the streets but I need him out of my life.
Other notable things that have happened that I really just want to tell someone about because I never have before: - once he was trying to stop me from calling an ambulance for him when he had locked himself in the bedroom and was throwing furniture around saying he wanted to mill himself so he came charging out, grabbed me from behind, slammed me into the door and started screaming in my face. I had to push him over and basically roll backwards over the couch to get away from him but he tells me that I tackled him to the ground. - He was yelling at me once and I was asking him to stop and he came right up to my face, so close I had spit on my cheek and wouldn’t stop yelling until I turned and slapped him across the face. But when that happened he fell to the ground and banged his head. I was so shocked and disgusted in myself and scared about what happened that I stopped reacting to him in any arguments and would just go lay down in bed with a blanket over my head. - When I started doing that he would come into the room and start flicking the lights on and off and tell me that I couldn’t sleep if he couldn’t. He’d also dart in and out of the room and rip the blanket off me. This disturbed my dog who would go out and lay in her bed in the lounge room so then he would go and talk to her and say things like “your mums a bitch and she doesn’t care about us, are you scared of her?” - On another occasion I was trying to call his mum to see if she could come and pick him up cos I didn’t want him at the house anymore and he pulled me backward on the bed with his arm over my throat so I couldn’t breath. I elbowed him to get him off me and he said I punched him in the chest. - When I was still living with my parents he once called me in the middle of the night and told me that he was going to slit his wrists and it was my fault. When I called his mum to tell her she said he was sitting down having a cigarette outside. - Once I found his meth pipe at his mums house and I smashed it and threw it in the bin. I tried to leave before he woke up and found out but I was too slow and he ripped my bag off my arm (like actually ripped it so the strap was broken) and then followed me down the street demanding I give him money for it and it was so embarrassing I went to the atm and got it out and just gave it to him so he would leave me alone. - He would also frequently leave the house when we were arguing after telling me he’d grabbed a knife and that he was going to kill himself or someone else. I called the police a few times when this happened and he’d always return before they got there - sometimes with a knife and sometimes without one and then act very calm when they were there so that they would leave. - He locked me out of the house on two occasions, and one of those times it was for the entire night so I had to take my dog and cat and stay with my grandparents. - His stepmother once sent me a message from his dads phone saying she laughed at me all the time for being so stupid as to be with him. He was really angry about this and stopped speaking to his dad for some time because of it but it just sticks with me.
We also had good times in between all this bad stuff. Like I didn’t just have 8 years of crap, there are good memories too but I can’t think about them anymore because it’s what always sucks me back in. I’ve only just really started reading about codependency, love bombing, reactive abuse etc. recently and it’s all kind of clicking into place. But I still don’t think he did all this stuff intentionally? Like I think he is a very troubled person who doesn’t think about the way he affects other people, but I don’t think he’s bad at heart or evil or anything. I just feel really sad that nothing could be done to help him and that our relationship was so fucked up and it took me so long to see it.
TLDR: venting about 8 years worth of trauma. Really long post and don’t even feel like it touched the sides.
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2022.01.29 06:34 laundry_writer Marvel movies are propaganda movies; they paint USSR as a brainwashing regime that take in Nazi scientists.

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2022.01.29 06:34 Tishyaaa What is the reality of gonawild subs?

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2022.01.29 06:34 Abdulla015 pafdao

Promising project! excellent, successful team. Good company with a great product! I wish you luck,I will recommend you to their friends and acquaintances, I see great potential in you.
dao #pafdao #bitcoin #crypto
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2022.01.29 06:34 Euphoric_Lie_9104 Waitlist? Pano yun?

Freshman po from elbi, zero units po sa sais rip pero waitlisted sa ibang subject. Idrop ko na ba yung mga subject sa number 19 pa ko sa waitlist?
If may iba po kayong suggestions pasabi po huhuhu
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2022.01.29 06:34 pentacards_on_YT What Card Do You See/Hear the Least in Readings - How Have You Defined that Card?

I had given thousands of readings in my life and I noticed that the 5 of wands rarely shows up in majority of the readings. I assumed that a card which is mainly about conflict, tension, and disagreements would pop up a lot in readings, but nope. Throughout the years, depending on other cards, I changed the meaning to mainly competition as the 7 of wands also deals with conflict, competition, and protection. 7 of wands pops out more.
What are your experiences?
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2022.01.29 06:34 xadxtya I have no idea about Custom Mechanical Keyboards.

Is the Razer Huntsman Elite v2 worth it? Or can you suggest me something which is cheaper or around the same price point.
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My record is 2, one alive one not
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2022.01.29 06:34 Filipowskyy_YT Sims 2 freezes when I bulldoze a lot

This has been going on for quite a bit, and it's starting to get on my nerves.
So, I have no clue what causes this to happen, but when I want to bulldoze a lot in ANY neighborhood, the game freezes when it's about 1/2 done. I've waited for a bit, still nothing. The only way to get out of this is to restart my pc, since I can't even go to task manager.
Does anybody know how to fix this?
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