The invention of a hangover cure would probably be very dangerous

2022.01.29 06:48 alexefy The invention of a hangover cure would probably be very dangerous

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2022.01.29 06:48 jiyannareeka ONEWE - 2nd Live Concert 'O! NEW E!volution Ⅱ' (Concept Photos - CyA)

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2022.01.29 06:48 Trevsindy For people who love winter but hate potholes

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2022.01.29 06:48 NickGamer246 Hmm

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2022.01.29 06:48 2wmmusic Two Wanted Men - Speedway [Instrumental Rock]

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2022.01.29 06:48 OG_Squeekz Blocking/Banning Players

Okay, I run into certain people fairly regularly when playing 4v4 and they are always the same toxic assholes. We should have the ability to put them on a block/ban list to prevent matching with them on a team. It so frustrating getting into a game and see someone and going, "oh god damn it not this asshole again," and what is supposed to be a fun game ends up being a wash because they talk shit and sit in base refusing to abandon/surrender because I'm a, "gardening noob and dont deserve a win nice person"
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2022.01.29 06:48 Fallen_From_The_Moon I was on a self love journey that got crushed many times in a row

For the past few months after graduating I found life very hard, especially since I’ve always neglected my own self care, I recently started talking to friends more and doing new things, then I just went in a giant circle, all my “friends” just leave me on read or msg k or nah soz and that’s it… I msged one tonight thinking I can prove that not all my friends are fake, i msged him forgetting we had made plans earlier that week with two others, i msg him and he says “sorry I can’t hang, I’m with 2 friends sorry but we might be able to hang tomorrow” Ik to a lot of people this may seem petty but I’ve literally never had a friendship last for than a year except one person In my life, it hurts just to realise that all your friends use you constantly and with my disabilities it makes not focusing on it really hard
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2022.01.29 06:48 fight_milk__ Vatican museum weird/hilarious looking Egyptian pottery

Saw this in the Vatican museum Egyptian collection. Can anyone explain the origin of the one that looks like a child did it? Egyptian pottery in Vatican
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2022.01.29 06:48 csababernath My Seinfeld posters

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2022.01.29 06:48 Nyarro If you were a Pokémon, what type would you be and why?

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2022.01.29 06:48 Jenc4000 HELP! Why is bridge loop doing this?

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2022.01.29 06:48 Xanoks Scav karma is a joke

I think we can all agree that santa was a mess, after killing him a few times by accident I dropped down to ~ -3 fence rep, but after grinding car extract after car extract and spending quite a bit of money, not to mention doing a ton of scav extracts without killing other scavs, I'm down to -0.77 hey we're pretty close eh??? NO, just cause some fuckwit scav saw a gun on my back or a funky hat he decided to shoot me, and because I don't want to lose the loot which I need to find to get money and survive in this game, I shoot and kill him, he shot and hit me first, and just because I killed him I STILL LOSE REP, I DIDNT PROVOKE HIM, I DIDN'T ATTACK HIM, YET I STILL FUCKING LOSE REP, and no, I'm not just gonna stand there and die just casue I dont wanna lose a bit of karma, the loot I had on me was around 100k worth, and I shouldn't be punished for not wanting to lose it. Scav karma really needs a rework, either missions to let us get rep up or maybe make extracts more valuable than 0.01.
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2022.01.29 06:48 UraniumRailroad "Anyone there?" (Rise of the Tomb Raider)

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2022.01.29 06:48 Existing_Ad6437 M E G A Blep

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2022.01.29 06:48 maferase Site to compare crypto tax softwares integrations and pricing that offers discounted prices

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2022.01.29 06:48 redditmademegay What are these disclosured patches on my neck? (They go down to my chest and back).

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2022.01.29 06:48 Wouldulookatthat123 What’s the worst neighborhood you’ve ever been in?

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2022.01.29 06:48 Role-Conscious Is there anywhere in cork that you can view or pet dogs or puppies?

We cannot get a dog while renting but would love the option to see an aul dog or two.
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2022.01.29 06:48 teeannaaa “Statement outlining your achievements” for scholarship application - but I don’t have any achievements :(

TL;DR: my mental health condition has impacted my ability to achieve anything worth interesting to read, so what could I put in my letter?
I wasn’t sure where to post this question but I am really stumped. I am applying for a university scholarship where applicants must demonstrate how they have shown persistence in the face of adversity to undertake/complete their studies. A statement outlining your achievements is one of the things you are able to include.
I am about to enter my sixth year of study for a four year course, and it’s taken me this long because every year I have had a mental health crises that has resulted in repeating subjects/withdrawing from classes. It’s been debilitating, but I just want my damn degree it’s all I want out of my life (also stable mental health would be nice but just like my degree, still working on it 🙃).
I don’t know what to write for an achievement statement because I haven’t had any - I’ve been too unwell for most of my life to achieve anything. If anything my biggest achievement is the fact that I’m still alive and that I keep going back to work and study despite the amount of downfalls I have, but I feel like that’s really not what they’re looking for.
Any suggestions would be super appreciated.
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2022.01.29 06:48 KanibalGoat You've had no matches for almost two weeks and then...

Suddenly you do. Wow, finally some excitement! Is this the one? Have I really met my match? Could this be special at last... The gods of OLD have blessed me!
Steady on! So, you find it weird firstly that they were first on your deck. Uh huh. You then notice their age...10 year's your senior. Um okay, sigh. So much for having kids. Then their bio, or lack of it. Echo. And of course, the pictures, you flick through them and they all look the same. Mostly mug shots, way bigger than you. Great.
And that folks is my OLD experience summed up. Sigh, see you in another 3 weeks.
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2022.01.29 06:48 napoleansucks my eye swelled profusely, and no one is explaining anything

i am 17f, white, 5 foot ten, from new south wales, australia shortly after christmas i woke up with a red sore left eye, suddenly unable to see far away (i don't know the word sorry), and seeing visual hallucinations on my left (colourful swirls on surfaces, and a purple cobweb that appeared in time with my pulse every 10 minutes or so, not psychosis, I know when I see them that they are not real.) which i didn't think much of at the time as i had been seeing things that hadn't been there since about march. I then drove to a shopping centre with a friend but pulled over halfway through as the artifacts became too much to deal with. At this point in time I was experiencing no pain, just a feeling of pressure in my left eye.
I then went into an optometrist office who when looking at my eye was confused, as nothing looked wrong when she looked at my eyes, but thought her machine was malfunctioning when it returned a reading of 60+, it was not. I get rushed into a hospital and get a semi diagnosis of uvetitis, an iv with mystery liquid, a lot of blood tests and a chest xray, which purpose was not explained beyond to rule out an unspecified auto immune disease. I got given 5 bottles of medications and was discharged told to take an eye drop every hour, day and night for the next 48 hours and to come back. My eye pressure was significantly lower so since then I have been being gradually taken off the meds, and am now taking 1 drop a day.
My concern is that aside from swelling of the eye, none of my symptoms line up with uvetitis? at all? I had no blurred close vision, 0 pain, no black spots, and no light sensitivity. I don't understand why this isn't glaucoma. thank you for any help you can provide!
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2022.01.29 06:48 emmaaaaaaa_ How to get into July2022bumpers group

I originally joined the group when I found I was pregnant at four weeks, and I’m now nearly 17 weeks and was just scrolling and thought “hmm I haven’t seen a post in a while” only to find that I’ve been kicked out and the group is now private??? What did I do/how do I get back in :(( maybe it’s hormones but deadass hurt my feelings LOL
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2022.01.29 06:48 hallo-test Que cuerpo 😙

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2022.01.29 06:48 OpSyKi What is the best way of an android app to communicate with an arduino

I have an Arduino Uno WiFi and I need it to receive commands from an android app (when for example a button in the app is pressed, the arduino will set a certain pin to high). Last time I did something similar I used the arduino as a webserver and the app as a client, is there any better way than using http for communication?
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2022.01.29 06:48 FinalplayerRyu More Gameboy games, one well known the other one not so much

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