Chance me for ivies, T30s and LACs

2022.01.29 08:05 Dapper_Astronomer827 Chance me for ivies, T30s and LACs

This is a throw-away account, cuz I’m too self-conscious to post on my original one lol . Can be a little vague, but I've tried to explain it in the intended meaning.
Demographics: Female, South Asian, Indian- Srilankan, residence- India private school
Hooks: URM (Sri Lankan?), half first-generation? Single mother? (Dad passed away 2021 corona) Women in engineering? Disabled ig
EFC: 12K/year
Intended Major(s): Mechanical engineering / 3-2-year programs in LACs
ACT/SAT/SAT II: test-optional (canceled SATs twice- explained on app)
UW/W GPA and Rank: 9th-99%, 10th- 94%, 11th- 90%, 12th- 97% PCM group
Coursework: CBSE curriculum + advanced courses independent of the curriculum by the school (explained on the applications)
Awards: (no Olympiads lol) - saddest part of the app
1) 9, 10- State/ Regional - city finals qualifier for a national level exam
2) 9,10- Inter-school/ state exam -silver medallist (school has diff branches all over the state) so state level too? (Among thousands)
3) 10, 11-State/ Regional badminton tournament gold medal - both doubles and singles
4) 9,10,11,12- scholarship receiver all 4 years of high school (among 30/400)
5) 9,10,11,12- Selected as a scholar to learn the advanced courses mentioned above (among 50/400)
(Following mentioned in additional information)
6) Vocal music-c classical music - 1st place both solo and choir performance
7) relay (track) inter-school competition, 1st place gold medal
8) multiple quiz competitions awards, school level
9) National level Hindi exam – 1st class (highest grade)
1) 12, PG Intern:
Engineers without borders UK and digital magazine content writer - 10hwk, 4wk/year
2) 9, 10,11 Badminton:
playe coached 9 10 yr old children - 10 hwk, 35wk/yr
3) 9, 10 Volunteer:
Hunger Heroes and Hand in hand India - organized food donation drive, created environmental awareness (500+ residents) after floods - 10hwk, 12wk/yr
4) PG Two Research project: selected to participate in both: 10hwk, 8wk/yr
i) medical device calculation- verified research paper and presentation under a Ph.D. holder
ii) HVAC system: sustainable engineering- verified research paper and presentation under a civil engineer
5) 12, PG Published:
co- author in 10+ anthologies/ short story books 5hwk, 30 wk/year
6) 12, PG Work (Paid):
Private tutoring- taught Maths, Physics, Chemistry to 12th graders- 15 hwk, 12wk/year
7) 10,11 others:
Founder of a differently-abled group of 14 in a clinic, worked along with a therapist and initiated several practices to help ourselves. 10hwk, 8wk/year
8) 9,10 Music:
Carnatic singer (south-Indian classical music from grade 4, directed school plays/projects/choirs 9hwk, 45 wk/year
9) PG Intern:
Deloitte Virtual internship (Nothing big- just completed specific tasks online) 6hwk, 8wk/yr
(Additional information section):
1) 9,10 girl scouts: Patrol/Troop leader- scoutmaster 5hwk, 30 wk/yr
2) PG MUN: campus ambassador intern 3hwk, 12wk/yr
3) online courses from Harvard/ Stanford/ Duke/Google- mostly related to Maths, Physics and English (linked my certificates in the Harvard application) 8h wk, 14wk/yr
4) PG instrumental music: Guitar 10hwk, 8wk/yr
4) Hobbies: sudoku, Vedic mathematics, reading movie scripts, learning French and Mandarin
Common app/Coalition essay: about my difference and how it has positively changed my pov of my myself and others 9/10
Supplements: tried my best- 7/10
Counselor: actually principal- he knows a lot about me and what I have been through and stuff so ig 8/10
Math teacher: Very close academically, fav teacher, co-operated nicely throughout this process, 8/10
English teacher: Close both academically and personally, also knows my struggles and what I have been through, she considers me as her best and favorite, so 9/10?
Schools: Didn't apply for EA cuz I stupidly waited to take the SATs, only to get canceled again
I'm a test-optional- international applicant requiring financial aid, so bear with me-
1) All ivies except Cornell
2) LACs: Amherst, Williams, Hamilton, Bates, Bryn Mawr, Bucknell, Colby, Colorado, Reed, Skidmore, Union, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Bowdoin, Middlebury, Providence, Allegheny, Olin
3) T20s: NYU, Tufts, Northwestern, Emory, Trinity, Richmond, Rochester, CWR, Duke, CMU, JHU
4) T30s and up; U Vermont, Purdue, Pitt, Northeastern(lol), Pace uni, Furman, Boston U
* I was only able to apply to these many colleges as I am in my gap year
* Also, thanks to fee waivers
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2022.01.29 08:05 CelebBattleVoteBot Angelina Jolie VS Margot Robbie

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2022.01.29 08:05 Dr_GIR Letter to the editor: Jesus was no socialist

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2022.01.29 08:05 c0ochie_slayer #rant

After pagsamba namin dito sa bahay, yung nangunguna sa pagsamba she talked to me na I should go na raw sa church because malapit na pasalamat? Is that it? Anyways, she gave me two choices, the first one is either bibigyan niya raw ba ako ng ribbon but she has to go sa church and talk to the ministro which she doesn't want to do since syempre kwento kwento nanaman, also pupuntahan ako rito nung ministro if I wasn't the one who took my ribbon, she's kind of selfish pero I understand her naman. The second is I go attend church so that the ministro won't talk to me because if I won't attend church, the ministro will make me come to the church to promise them not to be absent again. Like ii-scold ako baga? Magp-promise ganon, I forgor the word that they told me na eh hahaha. Ayokona... like please.... dalawa nanga choices ko wala pa roon ang aalisin nila ako sa INC... risky din sa dalawa ayoko na kasi talaga makausap ng ministro like ayoko na... ayoko na magtiis men puta... I'm scared to tell them naman (except for my mother) na ayaw ko nang sumamba, na I don't like INC, my grandmother shouts at me bad, dinuduro rin ako, she's the reason I don't speak up.
I actually talked to my mother sabi ko sakanya ayaw ko nang sumamba but since natiwalag siya, she doesn't talk to me much about it, sinasabe niya lang na I should go samba so mapupunta ako ng langit LOL??? I love her, just sad that she can't do anything about it.
I'm gonna be deleting this tomorrow because a relative or someone who knows me might see 😅, I'm scared. I just want to rant here since walang friend kong ang nakakaintindi sakin, probably they just feel pity? 🤣
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2022.01.29 08:05 pogodika Not a high-quality photo of Abkhazian mandarins

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2022.01.29 08:05 ondraMara10 ANC headphones with good passive mode

Hi, I'd been using Sony MDR ZX-770BN for a long time and I was very happy with them, but their hinge recently broke. I liked that they served well for wide variety of purposes:

  1. Wireless mode with ANC enabled in transport
  2. Wireless mode with ANC disabled for indoor excercise, housework etc.
  3. Passive mode (heaphones turned completely off) connceted to desktop or phone via jack 3,5 mm
(Sound quality isn't so important for me in wireless mode, but very important in wired mode. I don't mind plugging headphones in to get better sound when I want really enjoy the music and all the details.)
I purchased Sony WH-1000XM3 and I expected them to be better in every single regard as they are much newer and much more expensive than ZX-770BN were. But I'm fairly disappointed. Build quality is perfect, comfort is perfect, ANC is perfect, BT conncetion is perfect, but they sound terrible in passive mode. It is strange that no reviews mention that.
So I browsed the internet for a while and found out that this is a common problem with modern ANC headphones. I don't understand why since my old ZX-770BN produced very good sound in passive mode.
Could you please recommend me ANC headphones which sound well in passive mode? Or is it too much to ask and I can't purchase as universal headphones anymore? It was possible with ZX-770BN.
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2022.01.29 08:05 Guigamuck DeFi - mass adoption will come with trust and transparency, with with absurdly high APYs.

What do we actually need to reach mass adoption in crypto? Do we need better marketing, smarter people involved in this space or do we need better tech and protocols? Sure, we need all that but more than anything else we need TRUST! Maybe it’s hard to say this but one thing I’ve noticed with my peers about crypto is most of them think I am crazy, I am involved with “shady” things and that crypto is not legitimate.
In a way, I can’t blame them. We crypto degens, know the space has evolved a lot in the last few years, but, scams, hacks, exploits are still very common and are some of the things pushing people away from crypto. In the last year, we saw many exploits happen in the DeFi space and all these exploits drained over $700M from investors' money, and, we can’t deny that all these bad news affect the public perception of crypto and hamper adoption. I have friends who made a lot of money with DeFi projects, liquidity pools, and yield farming but I also know some people who lost a good chunk of their savings with one of the many exploits and hacks in 2021, and my biggest concern when it comes to DeFi is - are these funds real? Is this thing actually sustainable? One thing is certain - from time to time we will see protocols promising high APY when you stake your stablecoins with them but are they sustainable? I don’t know. In truth I prefer to play on the safe side and invest in projects I trust, even if the rewards are not that big. The e-Money protocol is built for the issuance of a range of interest-bearing currency-backed stablecoins reflecting various world currencies. Each token is backed by a reserve of assets denominated in its underlying currency and all the funds have been verified and audited by Ernst Young - one of the “Big 4” audit and consulting firms in the world. What does this mean? It means That every digital coin issued by e-Money is backed by real-world assets which can be redeemed at any time making the stablecoins a viable alternative to the current stablecons offerings in the market.
So you ask me - why would you stake your capital with e-Money and “miss out” on bigger APYs out there? Well, I don’t know about you and how you treat your investments but I have some risk aversion (risk aversion and this guy is in crypto? lol) and I try to play safe most of the time and that’s why I only “risk” in high APY projects a small portion of my capital while keeping most of it in protocols and projects I can trust and also Bitcoin and Ethereum.
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2022.01.29 08:05 Dramatic_Week8294 i had stopped playing videogames since march last year

i had stopped to focus on my studying since i decided to change my life for even a bit, i spent 3 years only playing videogames it was getting out of hand now i'm in college and my grades are fine and i go to the gym but after studying and going to the gym and maybe going out with my gf my own ME time now.... there's just a void there, i still didn't pick a new hobby and i feel like even gaming is not for me since i tried going back playing a couple of times and i'm not a big movie or series fan so i don't know if any of y'all can relate..
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2022.01.29 08:05 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Ukraine crisis: Entrenched narratives and a dearth of nuance | Al Jazeera

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2022.01.29 08:05 Klan10 ASB News / MILITARY〽️ on Twitter PM of Croatia apologized for the presidents remarks which stated that he will pull all NATO troops if US and Russia starts — Now the Croatian president went on TV and called his own prime minister a Ukrainian agent (😭😭😭)

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2022.01.29 08:05 thinderwhipper They need to add this to gamepass. No players on console as of now.

I knew it would happen but no one is playing this at like 6am. I get put in games where it’s like 8v8. Early in the morning I understand that pop is down but this is unplayable.
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2022.01.29 08:05 HeartbeatStopper Anyone have a tab for the Yugioh theme bass riff?

Here's what it sounds like
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2022.01.29 08:05 ANSHULisop then someone questions about the eraser existence

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My price for YOUTUBE PREMIUM UPGRADE: Crypto ( BTC , LTC , USDT ... ) + Paypal Friend & Family

FAQ for Youtube Premium upgrade
  1. Can I get my own account upgraded?
Of course. I will upgrade your account to premium. As long as you're not a family member.
  1. Will I need to give you my login details?
Absolutely not, just provide your gmail address and then confirm the invitation to complete
  1. Do I have to change my country?
Absolutely not.
4. Do I have to renew monthly?
Absolutely not. It is renewed automatically and you do nothing for the duration of its usage
5. Is my account at risk?
Absolutely not. All my upgrades are legal. So no risk, no banned, no kicked.
6. How does the warranty work?
Warranty is fulltime. If my method stops working, the remaining warranty period will be reserved until I find a new method. no refund.
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2022.01.29 08:05 pinkyplayzRoblox Im trading psx gems for rh dims!

People say the ratio is 1m gems - 1k dims
I have 982m gems
And i would like 982k dims or spring20 halo?
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2022.01.29 08:05 Strex_1234 How can i use here OFS?

The code i have:

BEGIN{FS = ","}{for (i=NF; i>1; i--) {printf "%s,", $i;} printf $1} 
Input: q,w,e,r,t
Output: t,r,e,w,q
The code i want:
BEGIN{FS = ",";OFS=","}{for (i=NF; i>0; i--) {printf $i}} 
Input: q,w,e,r,t
Output: trewq (OFS doesn't work here)
I tried:
BEGIN{FS = ",";OFS=","}{$1=$1}{for (i=NF; i>0; i--) {printf $i}} 
But still it doesn't work
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2022.01.29 08:05 Ihavediabities Nedenki???

Neden ülker gibi çok sevilen çikolata markaları bu aralar Dido gibi çok yenilen çikolatalarının full beyaz versiyonları çıkarttılar?
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2022.01.29 08:05 Barefootblues42 Piles of very soft fingertip sized pieces of stool, often with urgency, 3+ times per day

Any ideas what might help? I have tried without success:

I'm out of ideas.
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2022.01.29 08:05 CountingNutters 2meirl4meirl

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2022.01.29 08:05 in2real 🐕 easy moon 🚀🚀🚀

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2022.01.29 08:05 AutoModerator Your Daily Fasting Thread

Share your daily fast story thread! 📃      ⏳ Length of fast (start/end/total)      ❓ Why are you fasting? (ex: weight loss, other health benefits, spiritual/religious reasons)      📝 Notes (How is it going so far? Any concerns? Insights to share?)
Be sure to check back often as comments get posted throughout the day. Sort comments by "new" to be sure the newer comments get some love as well.
Reminder: You can easily find previous Daily Fasting Threads here and other mod posts by here or clicking the green "Mod Post" flair button in the sidebar.
Don't forget about our wiki:

and as a reminder here are the rules of /fasting, which are elaborated in the sidebar
  1. Remember the human.
  2. Do not promote dangerous fasting practices.
  3. Do not spam.
  4. Mark food pictures NSFW.
  5. Ask your doctor for medical advice, not reddit.
  6. Don't spread misinformation or present opinions as fact.
  7. Do not editorialize titles of scientific studies
The above information can also be found in the sidebar and by summoning the bot using !wiki and !rules
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2022.01.29 08:05 NFTsPool 🎉Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash giveaway!🎉

🎉Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash giveaway!🎉 🎉 Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash Giveaway! 🎉
Just like the post and join the Discord for more information. Over $10,000 in prizes are up for grabs.
What is Meta Moguls? Meta Moguls is a collection of 5000 aspiring moguls designed by BREYDEN | Lead Artist and soon minted as NFTS. The collection offers its owners long term value by entering into an exclusive community of creators and visionaries. A Meta Mogul NFT grants access to member benefits such as airdrops of our native token, social events, chats with business influencers, MetaMogulsDAO, brand partnerships, startup funding, merch, giveaways and more!

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