Queen introduces her own pricey ketchup brand and brown sauce, The News International – Entertainment

2022.01.29 08:21 Mynewsify-Website Queen introduces her own pricey ketchup brand and brown sauce, The News International – Entertainment

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2022.01.29 08:21 I_know_da_wee This meme was made before fang was added so he technically doesn't count in this scenario

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2022.01.29 08:21 RashkaBarbare Bruno was « outcasted » the moment he got his gift

I just noticed that, while Julieta’s and Pepa’s doors are next to their mother’s in the light, Bruno’s door is away, in the shadow and his room is the tower of the Casita. That mean that when he was a little boy, he was given a room that would isolated him from his mother and sisters. All this time he was all alone in his dungeon (like an old fashion Disney Princess). It’s breaking my heart T_T
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2022.01.29 08:21 H4rty99 Suffice to say untradeable FC Is the best team I’ve had in terms of power curve of any fifa I’ve played

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2022.01.29 08:21 ChaseMutley "Unlocked" Moto Edge+ working intermittently on my service with no data

I bought a Verizon-branded Moto Edge+ on eBay that was sold as unlocked. After connecting it to my network (Red Pocket,) I was able to make calls, but the service goes in and out. Service is horrible in my area, but I could usually get at least one bar at home. When I do have service, data doesn't work at all. Sometimes, I get a "SIM is not from Verizon" notification.
What is my phone doing? If it's not really unlocked, I'll have to send it back.
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2022.01.29 08:21 Drillowich Ronaldo regen? He appeared after Ronaldo retired

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2022.01.29 08:21 ShreyBoiiii Boruto has the coolest form bruh 😩 He looks menacing asf

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2022.01.29 08:21 timmychook What are your stereotypes about France🇨🇵?

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2022.01.29 08:21 tyrannosauru Palynology is literally the "study of dust". A classic palynologist analyses particulate samples collected from the air, from water, or from deposits including sediments. The condition and identification of those particles give the palynologist clues to the life and environment that produced them.

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2022.01.29 08:21 Long-Weekend-2540 It’s maybe a cartoon but it’s a deep one (sad emojis)

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2022.01.29 08:21 redwhiterosemoon Eastern European Discrimination Awareness Twitter just got created - please give it a follow.

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2022.01.29 08:21 Mynewsify-Website Cambodia to host summit of ASEAN foreign ministers from Feb 16, Latest News

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2022.01.29 08:21 l_rran [FOR HIRE] Slots are currently open! D&D, RPG, Fantasy and +18! // Starting at $20!

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2022.01.29 08:21 Pinguinoitaly (FS) SUPREME RARE STICKERS one of each

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2022.01.29 08:21 CryptoVib-com Resumo semanal: Mercado encontrou fundo?; Países debatendo criptomoedas; Baleias comprando na queda

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2022.01.29 08:21 mf__4 Aberdeen vs St Johnstone Postponed due to Storm Malik

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2022.01.29 08:21 FCMakes Great Pursuit 2017 and Climax Return V3 mashup ftom rave.dj

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2022.01.29 08:21 arsenalrocket2 Discounted META build AXIES for those wanting to start playing. Set of 3 for 0.15eth (bought for 0.4 eth) will take payment outside ronin so you can avoid 60$ ronin bridge fee too. dm

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2022.01.29 08:21 SnooBooks6874 Cand esti bizon ... patesti.

Cand esti bizon ... patesti.
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2022.01.29 08:21 fj668 Test. I wanna use whenthe.

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2022.01.29 08:21 ASGfan Episodic Review - May We Make Them Proud

This is chapter 512 in the book “It Sucks To Be Mary Ingalls”. You know, Mary’s grief is like those commercials for Shriners – you feel bad for them, but you also get sick of seeing it all the time. This is yet another 2-part episode. We open as the blind school is having a fundraising picnic, even though Charles had just gave them a thousand dollars a few weeks earlier after apprehending those intruders. They certainly blew through that money very quickly. Albert and another boy named Clay head into the basement to spoke a pipe (His name is Clay and they are smoking a clay pipe -HAR HAR!). Hester Sue discovers them and gives them some mild crap about being in the basement, which I guess was off limits? The concept of the dessert trays being served is enough for Albert to forget about the pipe, which the boys leave carelessly behind on some blankets. Day turns into night as Alice and Hester Sue are cleaning up. The pipe ignites a fire in the basement – seems like that would have already happened by now. Discovery of the fire is delayed because Hester Sue forgot to throw out the kettle water and she thought that’s what the smell was. Adam, Alice and Hester Sue are all having tea when Hester Sue decides to investigate further. She happens on the basement, which has bellows of smoke coming out of it. She decides to just open the door all the way (Dumb move #1 – you touch the knob first to see if it’s hot – if it is, there’s trouble). Hester Sue calls for Adam. Alice wants to get buckets of water, but Hester Sue realizes it’s too late for that and calls for the children to be evacuated. Dumb move #2 as Hester Sue doesn’t make an effort to close the door, meaning the fire is going to spread quicker than it could be. Adam barges into his room and grabs Mary by the arm and yanks her away (she was tending to the baby). Most of the blind children are evacuated in relatively orderly fashion. The adults complete a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle before realizing that, my god, THERE’S A HELPELESS BABY IN THE BURNING BUILDING THAT NEEDS TO BE RESCUED. Mary makes a play for him, but Alice is all “I got this.” No you don’t Alice. Alice hears a blind boy stuck in the bathroom and just leaves Adam Jr. behind. Alice rescues James and push-starts him towards to the front entrance, telling him to stay close to the walls. After an eternity has elapsed, Alice goes for Adam Jr., but by then it’s too late. Fire has consumed a good chunk of the building. Hester Sue is out on the lawn with most everyone else when she has dumb move #3 as she re-enters the burning building. She doesn’t do anything of note other than just yelling for Alice. Hester Sue exits again, taking James with her and reunites with the people on the lawn. Adam and Mary ask Hester Sue for an update. Hester Sue knows but is too scared to say anything. A desperate Alice breaks the window with the baby in hand (!). It should be noted she’s yelling “HELP ME” and not “HELP US!”. The next thing we see is the building is now completely engulfed in flames, including the portion of the building where Alice and the baby were. Adam unwisely makes a play to re-enter the house and Hester Sue has to tackle him to prevent him from doing so. The harsh reality of what is happening starts to sink in as Mary starts yelling and crying. Albert did all of this for some cake.
The next day, Caroline tries to console a shocked Mary, but gets nowhere. Pa presents Mary with the body of her dead baby. Doc Baker plays arson investigator and discovers the pipe. Doc then goes to talk to Jonathan and Andy, with the dead body of Alice laying right there at their feet. Jonathan is determined: "No pine box” dadgummit. Doc promises him no pine box. The living Garveys head back to the hotel, where all of the displaced are being housed as men come to cart off Alice’s body. That night, Charles, Laura and Albert are all at the Ingalls dinner table discussing the events when Charles mentions the fire was started by the pipe. Albert opts not to say anything. Mary wakes up at the hotel, having forgotten about the earlier events. Adam tries to fill her in, but Mary is in stage #1 of the grief process: Denial. Adam tries to inform her about Adam Jr. passing away, but Mary dismisses that as fake news and puts her arms through the glass window. The next day and outside at the Ingalls homestead, Charles consoles a tearful Albert. Pa should be tipped off that something is wrong because Albert never shows any emotion about anything ever, but he isn’t – so there’s that. Doc Baker updates Ma and Pa about Mary’s condition: she’s withdrawn and not speaking. Standard Walnut Grove funeral with Reverend Alden presiding.
We get a further glimpse into the devastation that Albert has caused as the blind children are being shuttled off to foster homes, but it’s only temporary. Hester Sue has an emotional goodbye with Susan Goodspeed. I don’t remember them having a special connection, but whatevs. Adam asks Hester Sue if she will keep an eye on Mary as he heads over to the Ingalls to have a discussion with his in-laws. Hester Sue replies “Surely, you need a ride?” Adam responds “No – and stop calling me Shirley!” Adam talks to Caroline and says he plans to head over to New York, which is his de factor response to whenever something major happens. Caroline isn’t sold on this idea and Adam yells at her. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Adam? Later, Jonathan and Charles are making a work-related delivery when they stop in the middle of nowhere. Jonathan gets out and starts to contemplate some atheist thoughts. Charles tries to snap him out of it. Then one morning Andy is getting ready for school when he finds his father drinking. It’s a little early in the day for that, isn’t it Jonathan? Andy inquires about breakfast and Jonathan yells at him. Albert tries his luck at Mary, but also gets nowhere.
PART TWO! – Credits say “Hersha Parady” as Alice. Did she come back from the dead? Charles and Albert take a trip in the city for a work-related matter. Charles elects to buy a rifle for Albert. Yes, Albert really is getting a reward after killing two people, making three unemployed and making even more than that homeless. Albert finds a music box, much like the one Mary used to play when Adam Jr. was alive, and asks for that instead. Pa is confused, but relents. Charles and Albert arrive home as Albert runs off while Caroline informs Charles that Jonathan has been mistreating Andy. Oh Jonathan, if you have been abusing Andy, you will become #1 on my shit list. Charles heads up to the loft where Andy has been crying. Charles hugs and kisses and holds him. Hmm. Meanwhile, Albert arrives at Mary’s room at the hotel with the music box. So his gift to her is to give her the same music box that was playing when her baby died a horrible death and she lost her home and her job? What kind of cruel prank is this? It does, however, get Mary to snap out of whatever coma she was in. Mary goes into full Susan Goodspeed mode by shouting “MY BABY, MY BABY!” in an endless loop. Albert virtually confesses he was responsible and runs away again, for the third time this series. Laura consoles Mary.
Charles heads over to Jonathan’s for an intervention. Jonathan tries to dismiss him, but Charles isn’t moved. Jonathan breaks down and talks about Alice not being here. Charles pulls Jonathan’s hands away from his face and asks “Well if she was here, what do you think she would say….she would say Jonathan Garvey, what in the world is wrong with you?” (She would too.) Jonathan snaps out of his funk, just as Laura rushes in with an update about Mary. Charles arrives at Mary’s room just as she’s coming to and starting to remember reality again. Mary relays that she heard Albert’s confession and Hester Sue confirms she caught Albert smoking that day. Pa doesn’t believe that his golden boy is capable of such a thing, so he goes over to Clay’s house and wakes up everyone in the household and some ungodly hour for further confirmation. Clay confirms. Oh Charles, you are going to have to face some unpleasant truths now.
Charles, Jonathan and Caroline all realize that Albert has run away again and decide what to do about it. Charles rationalizes that Albert could have gone back to his birth father’s place and gotten the address from Judge Adams in the city. That’s a good guess because it’s exactly what Albert did. Albert sneaks on a wagon bound for Olney, which is where Jeremy Quinn’s address was listed. Albert arrives, only to find the grave of his birth father. Albert, not wanting to face the music back in WG, decides to set up camp at Quinn’s place. With the help of Judge Adams, Charles and Jonathan catch up with Albert in Olney. Albert runs away some more, but gets stopped by Jonathan. Albert squirms and tries to run away again, but he’s no match for Jonathan. Charles catches up with them and tells Albert that he loves him because he has to make sure that Albert is okay after killing some people. Albert, realizing he is off the hook now, reunites with Pa. Back in the Grove, everyone is gathered at the remnants of the blind school, where Adam announces that his father has agreed to fund the rebuilding and it will be named after Alice and Adam Jr. Don't get excited about that though, because it never happens. A depressing footnote to a depressing episode. Oh, and Adam also took a disguised verbal jab at his father in the speech, even though his father wanted to pay for the rebuilding.
Seriously, this episode was messed up on so many levels. First of all, it was pretty much a showcasing of what NOT TO DO during a fire. And then there’s the issue of Albert causing tremendous destruction and getting away with it scot-free…again.
EPISODE WINNER – Harriet, because I’m sure she lets all those people stay at the hotel for free.
EPISODE LOSERS – A lot of them. Albert for his crimes and grief that he caused, Charles for turning the other cheek again, Jonathan for mistreating Andy, Hester Sue for all the dumb things she did during the fire, and Adam for being himself. I was half-tempted to throw Mary and Alice into the mix here, but I don’t like to kick people when they’re down.
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2022.01.29 08:21 businessyndicate Help! I would like to use an LLC to bypass my terrible credit for an apt, car, credit card etc.

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