Shiba Inu Games, een aparte entiteit binnen het ecosysteem van de meme coin, is een samenwerking aangegaan met PlaySide Studios, de grootste videogame-ontwikkelaar van Australië. Het doel van de samenwerking is om in de komende acht maanden een nieuw spel te ontwikkelen op basis van de "Shiboshi"

2021.12.08 07:53 CryptoKevin1986 Shiba Inu Games, een aparte entiteit binnen het ecosysteem van de meme coin, is een samenwerking aangegaan met PlaySide Studios, de grootste videogame-ontwikkelaar van Australië. Het doel van de samenwerking is om in de komende acht maanden een nieuw spel te ontwikkelen op basis van de "Shiboshi"

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2021.12.08 07:53 Sirjiggles10_TTV WARM UP AND THEN WINTER EXPRESS!? / Arenas Ranked

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2021.12.08 07:53 CosplayNoah Let’s raise some hell! (i am currently $500 in debt to the mafia help me)

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2021.12.08 07:53 saintsrowofficial Saints Row IV Update on Stadia

Saints! We have an update for you on Stadia for SRIV:
Players can now scroll through all categories in shops in all language versions
Game crashes when the Player is being attacked while in Rim Jobs' vehicle selection under special circumstances has been fixed! You can now get your Rim on, hassle free.
Game crashes during Kinzie's dialogue in co-op under special circumstances has been resolved, we should all take this time to listen to what Kinzie has to say.
Previews of the cars are rendered in Gateway are now the correct colour!
Textures flickering in the distance are no longer an issue, small glitch in the matrix but we took the red pill its all fine.
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2021.12.08 07:53 GreetedMeeted06 LPT: Never under any circumstance play games with micro transactions that can speed your progression

These games are all the same
Get you hooked by being fun at the start, then after a month they've got you by their fingertips and you're spending a bunch of money just to get better stats and more content, then after a year you can't just quit, because you've now spent way too much money on the game for that
These games are always luck based and pay to win with very little skill involved to give you more incentive to pay money for an advantage
I just quit a game like this after playing for 1.5 years and spending way too much money on it for how much enjoyment I got out of it. I was completely addicted. Thankfully, after now quitting it feels like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders
I don't care how good the game is, if it has micro transactions that can speed your progress, then it is built with the foundation to get your addicted, and is a case of capitalism being used in the most manipulative and evil ways possible
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2021.12.08 07:53 SadBagpipe Perfume

I know this is really really weird, but do any of you know a perfume that smells like bratz dolls' hair? I just love the smell and would like to have a perfume that smells like it lmao
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2021.12.08 07:53 jackieella Do press release on finance, BBC News, CNN, Forbes, NY times by Biancabobbi

About This Gig Is it true that you are Looking to Publish Your Article On yahoo news, yahoo finance, BBC News, Forbes, CNN? If yes! YOU ARE WELCOME TO THE Right GIG, for you to get your article PUBLISHED Successfully with 100% Guaranteed.

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2021.12.08 07:53 ElHenraldo Lolong

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2021.12.08 07:53 antihashcist [HM] Caldarvan - Dark Humour - Would Love Critique - Thanks

It was raining in Caldarvan, although that didn’t come as a surprise, the city had a reputation for its wet, dimly lit streets. A coastal city, although not as your mind would traditionally imagine the phrase, instead, in some gross perversion of the idea, it was great piles of metal heaped atop a rocky outcrop, with the land and sea attacking each other madly below.
The whole city was a product of gross Victorian overcompensation, its wide, muddy river, weaved unseen through its concrete underbelly, crisscrossed by train lines hastily constructed and then left to rot as the city had contracted back in on itself, its former ideals of grandeur now a pitiful shame.
These days, the skyline was a patchwork of hastily assembled concrete colossi, huge towers of twisting glass and metal reaching jaggedly upward. Between them, swathes of ground once home to vibrant communities had been raised, so cars and motorists could take their place. All of this was beset by the constant hum of noise. The sound of traffic, of people celebrating and grieving, all of it cascaded down through the air, tumbling toward the bus shelter in which I lay slumped.
The small led screen showing the bus timetable flicked impassively to its next listing, and for a second, I enjoyed a moment of calm. Only the sound of the rain, whipping past outside broke the silence, and I was grateful for the cosy vestibule the bus shelter had somehow become. Nights like this were lonely, even with the oldest of friends, never mind how lonely when you really are alone. Just then, a dark wind whipped into the bus shelter, and I pulled my leather jacket up around my neck to protect myself.
Fumbling through the pockets, I felt how time hadn’t been kind to its soft leather, which was now cracked and faded. Pulling out my svelte grey packet of baccy, I clumsily rolled a fag, as loose tobacco was whipped from my hands, like sand, by the wind. My cheap lime green disposable lighter clicked twice, limply, before a brilliant blue plume of smoke rose up catching the paper alight as I drew the smoke deep into my lungs and waited for the all-important nicotine to percolate my bloodstream.
The half silence was broken suddenly, by a car that went screeching by, barrelling through the empty city, and kicking up a trail of rainwater behind it. ‘Fuck me, a second of sweet peace, please.’ I muttered, watching as my hot breath fought a battle to the death against the cool night air.
Suddenly, without warning, this temporary haven from humanity was shattered, and I was momentarily taken aback as a tight-lipped businesswoman stormed in aggressively from the rain. Coming to a stop, she glared ferociously at me and the look of disgust on her face was palpable. For a moment, I savoured this, pleased I was irritating her. Before I stopped to consider what that might say about me as a person, that I might take pleasure from the discomfort of another human being. I considered this, before looking her up down and deciding she’d most likely disagree with me on almost everything, and so, now satisfied, I continued to puff away.
After what seemed like an eternity, with the two of us standing guard in the freezing bus stand, rising over the sound of the pounding rain, came the unmistakable rumble of the decrepit 1970s bus, and suddenly, almost before I had time to collect my thoughts, the number 37 loomed out of the darkness, bearing down upon us.
Stepping forward, away from the protection of the bus shelter, I was immediately battered around the head by freezing North Sea air and mumbled to the driver ‘Kings Park Road’ battling to maintain my composure, as the contactless scanner sat unmoving and unresponsive to my repeated attempts. Before finally, smiling apologetically toward the driver, I was rewarded with the heart-warming sound of acceptance from the machine, and I shuffled past her and into the cramped aisle.
Throwing my sodden body down into the seat, which already felt unmistakably damp. I looked around and caught the glare of an elderly woman, and the nervous twitch of a depressed businessman, quite a crowd. Slowly, the condensation from our breathe began to steam up the windows, and then suddenly, without warning, we were off, flying through the dead city streets with only the dim light of the LED timetable in the centre aisle to guide us.
Peering out, the few figures I could make out, emerged only fleetingly before returning to the insipid darkness. Rain-soaked delivery men, clad in reflective spandex, waded like poorly paid turtles as they hopelessly battled the elements, and I thought how futile It must be to know your precious cargo would arrive ruined, no matter your route.
The bus made slow progress as it continued its joyride through the abandoned city, and with each stop, the faces changed, as progressively, more and more moribund figures hauled their tired frames aboard. At each stop, as the bus began to slow, a decrepit woman in an oversized grey raincoat, sighed dramatically under her breathe, and as we rounded the final corner from home, and she opened her mouth once more. I had the almost irrepressible urge to swing the stupid old septuagenarian around the bus by the stupidly large hood of her fucking stupid raincoat.
Instead of carrying out my graphic fantasy, I tried to let my mind wander, becoming fixated on the cacophonous roar of the antique engine. I need peace, silence, not moaning pensioners replicating the throws of pleasure. After what seemed like an eternity of textured concrete glimpsed for an instant behind scratched glass, we finally rounded the corner and my stop lurched into view.
Pressing the greasy button, a friendly ding rang out, and I quickly patted myself down, needing the reassurance, I still had my keys and tobacco. Before I climbed unsteadily to my feet and the bus grumbled to a halt, letting out an almighty hiss as it finally came to a stop, and patting myself down one last time, I thanked the driver and stepped off into the apocalyptic conditions.
A foul-smelling cloud of black smoke was kicked up from behind the bus, as it shot off into the night, and hurriedly, I crossed the narrow street under the embrace of the squat brownstone tenements that lined the road. Their huge, quarried blocks were statured black from the beating rain and slowly, I picked my way down the street doing my best to avoid the lakes that had opened up in the pavement. At last, I was home, and starting up the short flight of stairs to 237 Larcet Street, I pulled open the heavy wooden door and stepped inside, as the noise of the outside world finally fell away.
Humanity was at last gone for good, and a sincere silence reigned over the close as I studied the deep purple tiling that lined the hallway, appreciating its tired grandeur for a moment and breathing a little lighter, now my journey was nearly over. The rain had soaked the wide bell-bottoms of my cords, which made every step feel as though it was taken at a depth of 1000ft. Why had I decided to live on the third floor, what possible reason had I had? What ungodly force had possessed me? Had willed me up these stairs? Only silence came down to meet me, as I continued trudging drearily upward.
Finally, summiting the stairs, I pulled open the flimsy plywood door to my flat and stepped inside. Everything was just how I’d left it, in other words, perfection. The small living room was sparse, being only partially filled by a sofa, television, and house plants in various states of decay. Turning away from their parched leaves, I felt a momentary touch of guilt for my, undeniably, shoddy housekeeping.
In spite of my guilt, I quickly dispelled the idea of fetching water and summarily broke the bad news to the waiting foliage. Before heading straight for the small white box which sat perched precariously on the edge of the beaten coffee table. Turning it over in my hands I smiled at the label, Galenika Benzodiazepine. Yes, for those with the most refined of pallets, perhaps I’ll pair it with a dry white. I smiled, before popping five of the pills out from their protective casing, as I dropped them dramatically into my waiting mouth.
Now, with the evening's most important and ceremonial task out the way, I kicked off my wet shoes and undid my belt, finally, my oversized cords slipped to the floor, and I peeled out of my soaked leather jacket. The hardwood was cold underfoot as I padded through to dry my hair on a towel in the tiny galley bathroom. Slowly at first, then all at once, a warm wave of relaxation broke over me, rushing upwards, as I felt the 120mg of Valium begin to work their magic. My mind swam in an endless warm salty ocean, and before I knew it, I was thoughtlessly ambling through to the kitchen, and standing by the sink as I filled the kettle and watched two figures hurry by on the slick street below.
Delicately trying to avoid the clumsy leaning towers of unwashed plates that had formed their own Caldarvan on the counter, I grabbed a nearby mug inspecting the brown stains left by hundreds of previous uses. Before, shrugging meekly as the kettle boiled and I poured in the hot water, watching the teabag spin indifferently upward toward me. Before I launched it across the room toward the overflowing bin. It missed, instead finding safe refuge in one of the disused supermarket carrier bags. I shrugged and made the short trip back to the sofa, settling myself down as I allowed my mind to wander, with the full effects of the Valium now being self-evident.
The ceaseless and never-ending noise that had plagued me all day, was at last, at least for now, forced to the back of my mind and I sat up, greedily slurping down my tea before limply trying to roll myself a joint. The grinder was on the table, that much was clear, but it may as well have been a mile away and I sighed pathetically trying to pull myself forward and grab at it. Eventually, spinning it in my hands, I packed down the tobacco and sat back. As, with a click of the lighter, it caught, and I watched the smoke dance lazily upwards through the air.
The first draw or hit or line of anything is always the best, that’s a truth surely universally accepted. Lying back against the soft pillows, I grappled, trying to find my phone, before groggily, realising it was what had been digging into my back for the last five minutes. Clicking the button, I was immediately blinded by the bright glare of the small screen as it pierced through the darkness, eviscerating my eyeballs, and for a moment, the images swirled hazily as I tried to refocus.
With a slightly shaking finger, I clicked on Chill out by the KLF and throwing the phone back down, I let my mind wander as sounds of a Texan trainyard on a sticky hot summer’s night filled the room. Closing my eyes, I relished this moment all alone, just to myself. Feeling the smooth smoke move effortlessly through my lungs, I felt like a machine, something providing a purpose, to inhale, to exhale, and for the first time that night, I felt content and truly relaxed.
Before long, I realised the sound of rain bouncing from the windowpane had stopped, but I wasn’t sure when. Suddenly, I became aware just how complete the darkness surrounding me had become, and lunging forward haphazardly like a drunk uncle at a wedding, I stubbed my joint out and reached across to turn on the large lamp that lay in the corner of the room.
A warm yellow glow destroyed the dark shadows in an instant, and the dying smoke from the joint suddenly became visible once again, as it curled in the air, stringing itself out across the wall. Slowly, my eye came to rest on the box of Valium, and leaning over to grab it, I decided it was the only truly sensible reward for getting myself settled so expertly.
A car screeched past outside and caught my attention as looking up, I was transfixed by the last droplets of water still running down the window frame. Marvelling at the miniature recreation of the outside world that danced in every individual drop, before, remembering my intention, I opened the box and popped out another, dropping it down to my eagerly waiting mouth.
It was only a short wait, an excitable taxi ride through my bloodstream until I felt the waves of relaxation break over me once more. Jumping to my feet, I realised I may have badly misjudged the level of my own sedation, and I stumbled to the window looking out, at the twenty-story tenements that crowded the skyline, and their rows of vertical lights that ran up to break the low hanging cloud.
Living in the city can make a feeling of isolation grow tenfold, shopping, eating, walking in the park, they can all become a lonely chore. I realised my hand had begun to shake, but somehow, I wasn’t sure when and throwing my weight back down on the sofa, I ran my hands up through my thinning hair as I wondered, once again, how much I was to blame for my own unhappiness. Give it up, I thought, any court in the land would convict you on those charges.
Turning on the TV, I switched to YouTube but scrolling through the doss it recommended, I began to hate, what even the algorithm had to say about me. Even It thinks I’m a dense, boring cunt. Turning off the TV and feeling defeated, I decided to accept the darkness and reached over switching off the lamp too.
Gently, laying back I allowed the soft fabric to envelop me, as my mind began to wander. I was far from my cramped unwashed flat now, and fantastical settings and characters swam in front of me, visions of impossible cities covered by smog and of the frightened inhabitants hiding within them. All of whom, I noticed, despite their dire situation, coincidently, seemed a lot more content than me.
Waves of confusion and relaxation combined, as the images in my mind began to fade and I felt the pull of sleep. Sleep, a respite from my own mind, on nights like this, it's probably the kindest gift I can give myself. Barely conscious now, I felt my own body stretching out on the sofa, as though it seemed ready to leave me behind, and a soft smile touched my lips. All of this can be picked apart in imperceptibly small detail tomorrow, but for now, rest. Gently I accepted this clarion call and handed myself over as I was carried into darkness by the sound of a cold New Orleans morning which rung throughout the flat.
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2021.12.08 07:53 cabbage-portal Which Mexican states/cities speak English fluently?

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2021.12.08 07:53 SmellyPitScrubs So what's the current build for Kled after the changes?

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2021.12.08 07:53 needs_more_yoy MCC is literally unplayable. The campaign menu is inconsistent! It has Reach listed before Combat Evolved, but ODST listed after 3, meaning they can't decide between chronology or release order. Game. Ruined.

MCC is literally unplayable. The campaign menu is inconsistent! It has Reach listed before Combat Evolved, but ODST listed after 3, meaning they can't decide between chronology or release order. Game. Ruined. submitted by needs_more_yoy to halo [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 07:53 Curious-Confusion485 6PM Drew’s new song “Honeycomb Quarantine” released listen y"all

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2021.12.08 07:53 spacellamakarma Lonely Birthday today...

I turn 41 today and I usually spend it with my mother but she passed away on may first 2020. Most of my friends disappeared when I started going blind due to diabetes 3 years ago and I understand how difficult it can be to support someone who is dealing with a crisis. However I never expected everyone to throw me away like garbage because I'm not the happy go lucky woman I used to be. I'm lonely and sad every day of the week but today is extra heavy. I don't have anyone to "celebrate" with, no family and I miss my mother deeply.
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2021.12.08 07:53 crazybout Ronaldo cr7 keeps dropping into midfield?

I got extremely lucky and packed ronaldo ik using him as a 2nd striker in the 41212 on stay forward and he keeps dropping into midfield whats going on ?
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2021.12.08 07:53 royalfluffiness I swallowed chicken wings bones. Could it be dangerous?

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I had fried chicken and swallowed a small piece of chicken wings tips. I felt the sharpness of the bone scratching my throat but I continued swallowing it because trying to get it out might be dangerous as well. Everything went down well without any pain and I continued on with the meal.
Now I am afraid that there might be some perforation in my intestines or something that is as dangerous. I do feel a very slight tenderness in my left abdomen. It is not painful, only a slight discomfort when I move around on my bed or when I sleep on my stomach. Maybe it is just a normal thing but I do feel worried.
I don’t feel any pain when I eat, I don’t feel nauseous nor feverish. When I press my abdominal areas, I do feel a slight pain but nothing too harsh (1/10). Should I be worried and go to the doctor’s? Or is it a normal occurence and I should not overthink it?
Thank you very much.
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2021.12.08 07:53 EducatedNitWit Why Iceland’s Biggest City Turned Off Its Lights for One Night.

In 2016 Reykjavik turned out the city lights so people could see the aurora borealis more clearly. This was a spur of the moment kinda thing.
But in 2006, they did it on a semi regular basis for half an hour on thursday nights. While the lights were out, an astronomer would talk live about the night sky on the national radio channel.
I'm unaware if this has continued later on than '06. If so, I haven't been able to find it.
It's still a wonderful idea, though.
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2021.12.08 07:53 maniana012 Hello from Bulgaria! The real voice of the person is very important for me. Who wants to talk with me about the Christian life and about the prayer?

Hello, my name's Mariana, I live in a village in Bulgaria. I am a christian. I am blind and I have cerebral palsy so I can't go to church. I am looking for other christians to talk to. I am learning English, Russian, Serbian and Croatian and if it's possible a few words in Italian. I want to use these languages not to swear, but to talk about God and to learn how to pray. Of course Bulgarians are welcome too! :) If you are interested, please feel free to send me a message!
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2021.12.08 07:53 ChainRegular6258 minecraft hmm

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2021.12.08 07:53 Dumb_bitch_83 Kann man sich als Student noch von einer Einstellungszusage zurückziehen?

Hi! Ich habe mich bei einigen Firmen für ne Abschlussarbeit beworben und von einer Firma ne Zusage bekommen. NOCH ist kein Vertrag o.ä. unterschrieben. Meine Favoritfirma dahingegen meinte, sie wir sich nächsten Monat endgültig zurückmelden. Meine Frage: was mache ich, wenn die für mich bessere Firma mir auch ne Zusage gibt? Kann ich mich bei Firma A zurückziehen, evtl auch wenn ich schon den Vertrag unterschrieben habe?
Wie gesagt. Ist „nur“ eine Stelle für eine Abschlussarbeit.
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2021.12.08 07:53 Weekly_Effective3445 Patriot Front marcherede i Washington

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2021.12.08 07:53 Guru_Creed Relaxation video in 4K with flowing water, forests and soothing music. Great as background music or to just simply zone out and appreciate the moment. I hope you enjoy.

Relaxation video in 4K with flowing water, forests and soothing music. Great as background music or to just simply zone out and appreciate the moment. I hope you enjoy.
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2021.12.08 07:53 GalatoFunk Beredar Video Polisi Riau Ancam Laporkan Balik Korban Perkosaan

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2021.12.08 07:53 firewire_9000 Which is the correct inclination of the handlebar?

Which is the correct inclination of the handlebar? submitted by firewire_9000 to CanyonBikes [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 07:53 Vaibhavvvv25 I drew Garou!!

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