Open relationships are great

Types of relationships. Considering the theories on love and relationships mentioned prior, we can break them down into the different components that define the different types of romantic relationships: Affection. Communication. Sexual relations and intimacy. Finances and household organization. Leisure. Family relationships and friendships Relationships Are Complicated. Learn How to Handle Them. Hanging out, hooking up, falling in love, breaking up … relationships aren’t always easy. No 2 relationships are exactly the same, but learning how to communicate your feelings and recognize what’s unhealthy is super important. Healthy relationships tend to be fairly well balanced. You might equally share finances, or balance out a lower income by running more errands. But relationship equality can also relate to ... Clark and Mills (2011) argue that we should differentiate between the role of equity in romantic relationships and other types of relationships such as business or casual, friendly relationships. They found in a meta-analysis that there is more evidence that equity is a deciding factor in non-romantic relationships, the evidence being more ... Our relationships help make us who we are and contribute greatly to our quality of life. From the moment of birth, we seek out others and crave security—the feelings of being connected, appreciated and loved. We can gain those things from parents, grandparents, siblings and other relatives. Relationships are based on some commonly accepted values (e.g., respect, honesty, equity, consideration, commitment). Healthy relationships result in mental-emotional, social, and physical benefits. Controllable and uncontrollable factors affect the dynamics of relationships. COVID-19 took a toll on our relationships. Understanding why might help us come back together. For International Women's Day, we gathered articles that aim to help women take care of themselves and each other, make a living, raise…. Fifty-seven scientists make predictions about potential positive and negative consequences of the pandemic.

2021.12.08 08:11 maxzimmermann Open relationships are great

Inspired by a recent 'hatepost' against open relationships, I wanted to make a counterpost:
What do you like about open relationships? What advantages do they give you and your partner? How has it enriched your life?
Let's make a positive post about a popular form of relationship in the gay community!
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2021.12.08 08:11 BATTERY__AZIZ Why is the rest of the world so consumed with American news, American celebrities and media?

Outside of the tabloid stuff about the British monarchy, we don't know anything about your countries. We don't care either. Your politicians, your celebrities, your movies, your current events, etc, etc. We couldn't care less.
Here you are on Reddit, obsessing about every detail related to America?
Why is that?
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2021.12.08 08:11 sim_says Bu pandemi döneminde, e-spor etkinlikleri çevrimdışından çevrimiçi e-sporlara taşınıyor. Tuttuğum takımı şahsen izlemeyi özlüyorum.

Bu pandemi döneminde, e-spor etkinlikleri çevrimdışından çevrimiçi e-sporlara taşınıyor. Tuttuğum takımı şahsen izlemeyi özlüyorum. submitted by sim_says to Trlol [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 08:11 Active-Ad-233 There is no good version of Capitalism

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2021.12.08 08:11 smtdimitri Persona 5 Royal Bundle Eidition coming to PC on March 2022

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2021.12.08 08:11 Cr1xyl Warum ist Fußball so ein großes Thema in Deutschland?

Ich will keinesfalls den Fußball angreifen, mich wundert es nur, dass Fußball so eine sehr wichtige Rolle in unserer Gesellschaft zu spielen scheint: Große Spiele die trotz Pandemie stattfinden, Vereinswechsel von Spielern werden im Radio besprochen und Ergebnisse kommen in den Nachrichten. Wieso ist das so?
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2021.12.08 08:11 andrewads2001 Not sure but the game's been repeatedly refreshing and loading after every match, telling me I am not updated to the newest version but allowing me to play again afterwards

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2021.12.08 08:11 Various_Albatross_55 This is the COOLEST thing I think I've at any point purchased!

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2021.12.08 08:11 promobloguiador Premio Planeta 2021. Pack, Vol. Indep.: 'La Bestia', de Carmen Mola (ganadores) y 'Últimos días en Berlín', de Paloma Sánchez-Garnica (finalista) [Kindle]

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2021.12.08 08:11 greasehoop Only women in relationships seem into me

Hey guys need some advice.
I have no clue what's going on here but the the last year only taken women are showing interest in me. They flirt with me touching my hand or my thigh and even made out with a few before finding out they are not single. In the last 2 weeks alone I've been compared to a model and called one of the most gorgeous men someone has had a conversation with.
But time after time the last year they are all taken. And becoming friends on social media has shown me. Its frustrating that I'm receiving consistent flirting with people who are taken and literally 0 from people who are single.
Its tiring even though I think their compliments are exaggerated to hear your handsome and recieve attention but for nothing to come from it, it kinda makes me doubt myself and its hurting my self esteem.
Why does this seem to be the case?
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2021.12.08 08:11 Familiar-Pie5607 What should i name for my m13 the most upvoted comment i name it for my m13

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2021.12.08 08:11 Ok-Refrigerator-8561 Can someone please suggest some universities for MSCS on the west coast/Midwest?

I have 315 GRE (159q, 156v, 4), 7.09 GPA from Amity University, 3+ years of work ex as a software developer in an MNC (I'm a technical lead right now) and I have a lot of volunteering experience as a teacher at an orphanage. I have multiple projects in the field both personal and through my college. My TOEFL score is 110. Can I get some university suggestions? I have already applied to SJSU, SDSU, NC State for Fall.
Thank you and I appreciate your help...
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2021.12.08 08:11 Lekmanutpls Facebook 🤮🤮🤮

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2021.12.08 08:11 Tyhg1231_YT Every time a new game releases I swear

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2021.12.08 08:11 TheCondonOrkestar I am a non-practicing warlock. AMA

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2021.12.08 08:11 imgaeasfck Adulting.

Im 25, and felt really stuck with my life. I know that we all have different paces, but maaaaan, when will the time come that i'll finally feel that i actually reached somewhere in life? Im stuck on my daily routine of work -bahy-work, ive got way too many bills to pay, and theres no time or money for leisure.
Whenever my friends and i talk about our daily life and i compare my life with them, i really felt like im wayyy behind. Like my friends are professionals, and im a BPO employee, dont get me wrong, im not ashamed of my work, im very proud of it but in my mind theres still that unnecessary comparison. So this is it. This is mid life crisis. I guess. Fuck, its a lonely lonely world.
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2021.12.08 08:11 golden_light_above_u Council Rock North email plus Police Press Release 12/7

Subject: 12-7-2021 Update/Police Press Release
December 7, 2021
Good Afternoon,
District Administration and the Newtown Township Police Department met this morning to discuss the two incidents that were brought to our attention over the past few days. As concerning as both of these incidents are to all of us, the police have performed two investigations and determined that neither are credible threats to the school community.
The health and safety of our students/staff is our number one priority. Every day you trust us in making this happen. We thank the Newtown Township Police for their continued relationship with us to ensure the safety of our school community. In conjunction with our current safety and security protocols, Newtown Township Police will continue to have an increased presence around our campus.
Last evening several students and family members contacted Safe to Say Something (1-844-723-2729) to report their concerns. We thank you for doing this. As a reminder to all community members, this anonymous reporting system allows the District and First Responders to act 24 hours a day. In addition, students can report concerns to any staff member in the school. If any student is feeling overwhelmed by the events this week they can meet with their Counselor by scheduling an appointment in the office or e-mailing their Counselor.
All afterschool practices and programs will be held as scheduled this afternoon/evening. When students arrive tomorrow, Guidance Counselors will be available for any student.
For further information pertaining to the investigations, see the attached press release from the Newtown Township Police Department.
Jason Traczykiewicz
Police Press Release:
On Friday 12/3/21, at approximately 3:00pm, Newtown Township Police School Resource Officer received information from Council Rock School Officials regarding a potential threat by a student, which was allegedly made two-four weeks ago, as reported by other students.
Newtown Police immediately initiated an investigation into the matter, investigators over the course of several hours, began to locate and interview several students as well as the alleged subject. Communications with the District Attorney’s Office and Juvenile Probation were ongoing, and upon further analysis of the incident, and additional information from witnesses, a determination was made that no credible threat was found, but the investigation would continue. The information that no credible threat to the school or students were found was subsequently shared by school officials to parents by electronic messaging.
Unfortunately, social media continued to spread false information which resulted in a large number of students not attending school on Monday, December 6th.
Unrelated, on Monday evening, another perceived threat that was received by the “Safe to Say” line to Newtown Police. This investigation revealed the perception to be non-factual and not a credible threat to the school district or students, and this information was shared with school officials. However, out of an abundance of caution, to ensure for the safety and protection of the students and staff, School Officials opted to host school virtually for Tuesday, December 7th, which allowed time for Newtown Police and School Officials to meet and discuss the two unrelated assignments, as well as steps to mitigate future issues within the school district.
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2021.12.08 08:11 ShortAlgoBear The chart is demonstrating a bullish pattern. Waiting for short signal on $JLL with UltraAlgo.

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2021.12.08 08:11 Desperate_Hand5656 Callmeslooo Masturbating Video #2

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2021.12.08 08:11 Harry_Isthatyou Meanwhile next to a lake in Avalon: "Lady of the lake tell me what day tis?"

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2021.12.08 08:11 Drumsbyashwells All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey - Drum Cover

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2021.12.08 08:11 ExtensionConcept2471 My SP4 (1080x750)

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2021.12.08 08:11 Top-Ad-7868 Aussie asking for assistance (help me beat my brother in a game)

Hi there New Yorkers! Hoping that someone can help me! My brother has a bet with me that he can get someone (anyone) to stick a piece of paper to a window with some words on it, in a verifable NY location.
The string of text is: Crambam thank you ma'am Faceless goes global
I am desperate to prove my brother that I am faster, smarter, and more resourceful than him!
Why? We are in Australia, so we randomly picked somewhere a long way from here, but it had to be a location that was verifiable - and NY has plenty of recognised locations that can be proven. Could be as simple as a cafe, newsagent, or store, capturing the name of shop or location, so it can be proven to be real and not photoshopped.
If any local NY resident can assist, I will be eternally grateful, you will have helped settle a brotherly bet, and proven yet again that Reddit is the globally superior forum of communication.
Plus - you'll make me look awesome!
So thanks in advance, I really hope someone can assist!!!
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2021.12.08 08:11 TastySpice Steel Bridge. Portland, Oregon.

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2021.12.08 08:11 sh0rt_boy What are state of the art approaches for product matching with high accuracy?

My goal is to compare invoice product prices against a price catalog to qualify if the price is reasonable. The information I do have is everything that is usually seen on an invoice (e.g.: product description, unit, quantity, price) Here is an example of some product descriptions (german):

I have tried string similarity so far, however this approach seems to be too slow and easily fails if the string length differs too much. The main problem is that the available data which can be used for comparison become gradually more. Further, I also tried to capture certain attributes of a product description (e.g.: “brand”, “actual product”, “material out of which product is made”, …) by looking for phrases that are present in the product description. Consequently, comparison is done over these attributes. This approach is also very cumbersome as these phrases need to be set up manually.
What other approach could I try?
Thank you a lot!
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