Third brawler concept for the spooky trio

2021.10.22 03:46 HoNrK Third brawler concept for the spooky trio

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2021.10.22 03:46 Unikars They tell members to not post any lgbt hate so they don't get banned again... but isn't it still ban evasion tho?

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2021.10.22 03:46 Little-Ms-Shadow-xo saw some friendly peoples today

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2021.10.22 03:46 Mashallah9786 If I want to get grealish what part should I do

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2021.10.22 03:46 baronvb1123 Totally all the girls' fault

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2021.10.22 03:46 skykoury feeling discouraged :/

ugh. i’m trying not to focus on how long i’ve been trying, there’s just this thought that i’ve been doing this wrong the entire time. i usually am very optimistic about my shifting journey but i just feel so… stuck now? i took a break for around a month, i just started up again today. it’s so hard for me to focus and stay still with my adhd. i don’t feel like i should continue, maybe it’s a waste of time—but at the same time, it gives me something to look forward to. i just want to escape, but my adhd keeps dragging me down whenever i’m shifting. i’m tired of going to sleep every night and being reminded of my issues and ptsd. i just want a safe place and i feel like i won’t ever get it. i maladaptive daydream about my dr but i just want to really feel it and experience it. i feel like it’s unattainable, maybe this stuff isn’t for me. i’m deciding on if i should just stop completely at this point. that’s all. thanks for reading if you did. if you have any advice or motivation i appreciate it so much submitted by skykoury to shiftingrealities [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 03:46 telex_bot Izraelben terroristák ellen fejlesztették ki a Pegasust, Magyarországon viszont terrorelhárítási vezetőt céloztak meg vele

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2021.10.22 03:46 Wild-Year-9623 Help (with better pictures)

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2021.10.22 03:46 nstupidzen My Cat and My Hair

I'm led on my bed right now, and I have my cat on my torso. I have long hair and it on my neck and she's started licking my neck. Is this because she loves me or is trying to eat my hair?
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2021.10.22 03:46 Objective_Yak_6040 Jencel gravid

Hr og fru jencel er gravide igen 🤩 det er ikke på SoMe endnu, men begge fortæller det højt i byen.
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2021.10.22 03:46 afrenegade Measuring team productivity through Git

Hello, everyone.
Together with my coworkers, we are exploring the possibility to measure how productive our team is using git history. We were looking into several ideas which include:
- measure productive code (time needed to net 100 LOC after churn)
- measure raw code (time needed to gross 100 LOC)
- measure number of coding days (days per week with commits)
- measure commits per active day (average number of commits when active)
- measure merges/conflicts ratio (divide number of conflicts with a number of merges to see if the ratio is higher than 15%)
We were interested to add some kind of experience metric. See how much "experienced" an author is in the codebase (get first commit vs today's date) and see ratio with productive code, but we were not sure.
All of this analysis should be conducted only by running a git log. What do you think about this, and perhaps could you add or take away something from this idea? Do you think that this will provide value and why?
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2021.10.22 03:46 Nofriendship34 Thinking of trading in mustang for FoST

I’m 18 and to be honest I don’t feel like I should be driving my 07 mustang GT. I try to drive conservatively and safe but I swear I give it an inch more throttle than it wants and my back end kicks out. With TC on. And I’m in the Midwest so I have to deal with winter. I daily’d a 2011 v6 mustang until somebody hit me and it was totaled and I since got a 07 GT. And it’s been fun but it’s ridiculously expensive to pay for gas. Usally $80 a week. And I just I don’t know. It feels like the wrong time to own this car. I text drove a ST today and it was pretty cool. It’s not a v8 but it felt way more manageable. I don’t really know what to do.
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2021.10.22 03:46 pangoleen Выжил или нет

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2021.10.22 03:46 snedhelpihateithere got my first B:(

i used to be a consistent honor student when i was in HS, so upon entering uni, i wanted to aim for latin honors. but one of my profs gave me a B, and this teacher only has like 3 major assessments (one of which is where i got this B) :( they’re known for being a terror prof so idek if i can do well in the next assessments :”) send help 😔
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2021.10.22 03:46 CuriousPsychosis PIA VPN Split Tunneling and qBT trouble in paradise

I have PIA Split Tunneling setup for qBT so that traffic only goes over the VPN. Issue is that today I saw traffic bypassing the tunnel. Why is this happening?
Will the Network Interface and Optional IP address to bind to settings in qBT affect this?
They were set to utun4 which is the correct interface but I didn't select the IP address for the VPN connection. Never have in the past. I always leave it at All Addresses. The reason being is that PIA will reset the IP and then qBT will stop seeding.
I have Enable anonymous mode checked and Encryption mode set to Required but I am not sure that protects the privacy without a VPN.
I have this script running every second in GeekTool while I am running qBT. It alerts me when any app that shouldn't be making connections outside the VPN is making wayward connections:

#!/usbin/env zsh
\echo "$(\date "+%X") $(\printf "VPN BYPASSED [en0->WAN(]")"; \
\lsof -lV -S2 -Tqs [-i@](mailto:-i@ -sTCP:ESTABLISHED,LISTEN,SYN_SENT; \
\printf "\n"
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2021.10.22 03:46 John_Mark_Corpuz_2 My Digital Drawing of SCP-895. Also, guess the reference.

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2021.10.22 03:46 KimSaysHii Blood

I wish we had bloody tattoos in game, and more bloody clothes, we could have tattoos that make it look like our hands have blood on them, and our bodies, especially on our feet, like we we're walking in blood, I just think blood, blood and more blood. Thank you, that is all, blood.
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2021.10.22 03:46 ObModder Charles Verlat - On the lurk (1857) [3000x2406]

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2021.10.22 03:46 OldGamesOldGuy - Master of Orion 2 - The Sakkra are at our doorstep an we need to ramp up our defenses. If you enjoy the video and think we are doing a good job consider subscribing. Thanks for watching.

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2021.10.22 03:45 biberal After 3 years, he wants to explore other options

How do i extinguish the fire that my body mind and soul appears to be on. I feel like i’m falling off an airplane. I am completely unprepared for this. He told me he loved me. What is happening? This is the worst thing that has ever and will ever happen to me. I’m pathetic. I want to die
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2021.10.22 03:45 HiItsLust This is my first time drawing a manga character ever. I decided to draw Deku and Eri because that scene is godly. What do you guys think

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2021.10.22 03:45 PaleontologistFar713 i’m almost certain i’m gay.

it’s pretty much convinced me. my mind is telling me i am gay and in denial and at this point i think i am. i don’t know what to do. it’s not what i wanted for myself but the urges and compulsive behaviors are too strong. i don’t want to be gay but it’s convinced me
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2021.10.22 03:45 BH2626 Help/ Avax AAVE- Dai.e

Hello, I've created my Avax network on metamask, successfully deposited avax to the AvaLanche Aave market. I did a small test borrow of Dai.e. I added the Dai token to metamask via coinmarketcap. (now done once from coin gecko, twice from CM)
The DAI shows up in my AAVE AVAX dashboard wallet, but does not show up in my metamask wallet. It has now been over 24 hours.
Thank you for your help
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2021.10.22 03:45 sillybopb JackSucksAtLife Out Of Context

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2021.10.22 03:45 CourageousLight 13 or 75? 😬

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