Browsing Twitter on Firefox (Linux) - This media could not be played

2021.10.22 03:16 LexiStarAngel Browsing Twitter on Firefox (Linux) - This media could not be played

Hi there,

I get this error message when trying to play videos in twitter on Firefox. I have all the media codecs already installed (it seems). I use Linux OpenSuse.

Any thoughts?

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2021.10.22 03:16 TheHeroReddit Are you a native English speaker?

View Poll
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2021.10.22 03:16 lwxnfc How come it seems like humans envy each other so much more than other species do?

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2021.10.22 03:16 twwain Live in SWS? TAFE says, 'Stay away until next year.'

I'm double vaxxed. Hell, the majority of the students are vaccinated.
I can now go to the Pub, play pokies, attend Horse-fucking-racing, be able to take a flight soon...Kids are going back to School...BUT I can't go back to TAFE!
To think, on the same campus, classes will be open for other courses but not Engineering Trades...

A letter from the head:

Dear Students and Employers,
It has been decided that Engineering Trades at >formerly an LGAoC< will not be returning to face to face delivery for the remainder of the year.
This decision has not been made lightly, we are hoping to minimise any risk associated with COVID-19 to both students and their workplaces.
What does this mean for my classes in Term 4?
Your classes will continue to be delivered by virtual classroom, and it is expected that students will continue to connect with their teachers as they have been doing.
By the end of term 4, all theory work for the year will have been delivered by virtual classroom.
We will be utilising part of term 1 2022 to catch up on missed practical work, and it is expected that once this practical work has been caught up, students will start their programmed work for next year.
I hope to have your understanding and support in this difficult decision.
I will provide updated advice as the situation changes. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Thank you
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2021.10.22 03:16 Comfortable_Drag_638 I made a Spotify playlist that tells Anne and Ann's story according to the show

I'm sharing this here becuase I don't have friends that I can listen to this playlist with, more specifically I don't have any friends that watch Gentleman Jack. Here's the playlist
This is my first time making this sort of playlist, where you live vicariously through a fictional/non-fictional person using your imagination and lyrics of songs, and I'm quite pleased with it. I kind of geeked out with it for a week.
I was inspired to make it after hearing that season 2 was finished filming and then rewatching the first season for my 4th time. After I finished watching it I felt this kind of dread of not wanting to wait for the second season but knowing I have to, and so I made the playlist to cope with that I guess. It worked though!
Not all of these songs will be everyones cup of tea, the genres are all over the place, but if you're looking for something fun and gentleman Jack related to do, I tried to pick songs that portray the feelings of both Ann(e)'s through their relationship by really focusing on the lyrics. Some lyrics aren't accurate to the time period but I did my best to minimize using those kinds.
I chose female covers of songs that still sing she/her pronouns to make the experience more accurate as well. All songs are chronological to the episodes.
Thanks for reading this post, and I hope some of you are interested in listening to my playlist :) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it as well.
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2021.10.22 03:16 Jumpy_Macaron_1455 Crime-hit Chicago grapples with police vaccine revolt

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2021.10.22 03:16 IAmReinvented Paws first

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2021.10.22 03:16 UxSxOnly Forced Entry Out Now!! Grab your copy at Underworld Subroxxa! New Movies being added daily as well.

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2021.10.22 03:16 Thementalistt Where are people going to get stuff like this made? I really want to have unique clothing but can’t find manufacturers/printers for unique stuff like this.

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2021.10.22 03:16 Massive_Dinner 🥷 Ninja Floki Inu 🥷 | Stealth Launched 10 Minute | Join our telegram, don't miss this opportunity | Easy x10 - x50 GEM

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Don't miss this opportunity, we will hit +100K marketcap

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2021.10.22 03:16 fanomvibes Question about Facebook ads

I now have enough people in 95% videos views for a lookalike campaign I’ve been running. This lookalike campaign was for 75% videos views for 365 days. I now want to run a new campaign for 95% video views for the last 30 days. Would it be ideal to run the same ad or do I need to create a whole new ad to ensure the same people don’t see the ad twice?
I’m assuming I would get far more conversions to my Spotify if I doubled down with the same ad with a lookalike of 95% video viewers. Right now I’m at 0.82 Cents per conversion, I would like to lower that to at least 0.05 Cents. God willing.
What do the people of this community suggest?
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2021.10.22 03:16 SnooDogs2449 25 [M4A] Anyone wanna learn basic web dev for free?

I have free time and have always wanted to teach. If you’re interested to learn, just message me! I work at a YC portfolio company if that matters!
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2021.10.22 03:16 throwawayanyr3321 Fun fact: the pizzeria in Italy where the cast worked still hangs a Pauly D shirt (light blue shirt with a star emblem)

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2021.10.22 03:16 OfficialJakLei Full Video Guide How To Stake Time

Would love some feedback as well, and might make another Klimadao which also has around 8% ROI every 5 days.
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2021.10.22 03:16 Jiriez Is it really that weird for an 18M and a 14F to be in a relationship?

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2021.10.22 03:16 PotatoFluff24 Spring registration

Is it possible to get a sooner registration date if I talk to my counselor? I'm a junior but out of all the people I've talked to mine is the latest date.
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2021.10.22 03:16 InitialD33 Just chatting for tonight! Come hang out :D

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2021.10.22 03:16 deezkekonutz you guys remember blue dream🤣? people want it again… what can i say, shit is so bomb when grown right🤷‍♂️ this is the santa cruz cut aka the real deal day 50

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2021.10.22 03:16 FatFreddysCoat Official BF2042 new specialists trailer

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2021.10.22 03:16 StrongNails A little help with this Bio-Calculus linear Function word question please :)

Question: "Owners of a car rental company have determined that if they charge customers 𝑝 dollars per day to rent a car, the number of cars they rent per day can be modeled by the linear function 𝑛(𝑝)=1000−5𝑝. If they charge $50 per day or less, they will rent all of their cars. If they charge $200 per day or more, they will not rent any cars. How much should they charge to maximize their revenue?"

I need the step by step <3 would definitely help your girl pass the quiz I have tomorrow
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2021.10.22 03:16 AbisBitch :'''''''''''''''''''''DDDDDDDD

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2021.10.22 03:16 XDJamesg Horror enthusiasts of reddit what is the scariest horror movie you have ever watched?

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2021.10.22 03:16 thnkngabthippocampus 18in 9mm bong Looks like the above link, bought it at matchbox for $150. Would be willing to part with it for $75 OBO. The downstem and bowl have broken but the piece itself is in like new condition. It would need cleaning as it’s a bit dirty but not bad at all.
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2021.10.22 03:16 Ok_Quantity430 🐕 MiniCuteDoge 📈 | Just Launched | Next BabyDoge | 🚀 Highest Holder Rewards Ever ✅ | BuyBack Function 💯| BSC GEM 💎|

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2021.10.22 03:16 Leviro20 Meme path to get the Emu’s into power in Australasia

Make it happen boys.
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