2006 Lexus IS 250 Headlight Fix

2021.10.22 04:47 Mordekhizer 2006 Lexus IS 250 Headlight Fix

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2021.10.22 04:47 bostonbrookline Jordan pe(nis)terson

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2021.10.22 04:47 Edulad [Question] How to crop the Mask in OpenCV ?

[Question] How to crop the Mask in OpenCV ? OK so, i had posted in earlier thread on how to crop the canny edge detection, People had responded to play around with the bit-wise operation and mask image properties.
Now i have got the mask, but how to now crop it? (Is it possible to NOT crop it using the rectangle method as the rectangle also crops some space below and above the image.
My Code:
import cv2 as cv
import numpy as np

# load the image
im_color = cv.imread("89.jpg", cv.IMREAD_COLOR)
im_gray = cv.cvtColor(im_color, cv.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)

# CANNY Edge Detection
edges1 = cv.Canny(im_gray, threshold1=30, threshold2=100)

# Mask Starts
_, mask = cv.threshold(edges1, thresh=180, maxval=255, type=cv.THRESH_BINARY)
im_thresh_gray = cv.bitwise_and(edges1, mask)

mask3 = cv.cvtColor(mask, cv.COLOR_GRAY2BGR) # 3 channel mask

im_thresh_color = cv.bitwise_and(im_color, mask3)

My Input Image:


My MASK3 Image:


Please Help, Thanks :)
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2021.10.22 04:47 niuz-bot ULTIMA ORĂ: 15.410 infectări și 356 decese în ultimele 24 de ore - [Anchete]

În ultimele 24 de ore au fost înregistrate în România 15.410 cazuri de persoane pozitive cu SARS-COV-2 și 356 decese, potrivit Grupului de Comunicare Strategică… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/ultima-ora-15-410-infectari-si-356-decese-in-ultimele-24-de-ore.html
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2021.10.22 04:47 lilpasi Nestle's sus

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2021.10.22 04:47 niuz-bot Trei asociații de magistrați avertizează că nerespectarea hotărârii Curții de Justiție a Uniunii Europene poate determina aplicarea unor sancțiuni pecuniare imense României, într-o procedură de infringement - [Anchete]

Asociația Forumul Judecătorilor din România, Asociația Mișcarea pentru Apărarea Statutului Procurorilor și Asociația Inițiativa pentru Justiție avertizează într-un comunicat că nerespectarea hotărârii Curții de Justiție… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/trei-asociatii-de-magistrati-avertizeaza-ca-nerespectarea-hotararii-curtii-de-justitie-a-uniunii-europene-poate-determina-aplicarea-unor-sanctiuni-pecuniare-imense-romaniei-intr-o-procedura-de-infrin.html
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2021.10.22 04:47 Ok-Rich3186 WoollyDoge | Launching Now 🚀 | Earn 7% DogeCoin just by holding! | Auto distribution and Dividend payouts 💰

Woolly Doge is a type of Shiba Inu that is randomly born with a recessive trait that makes their hair very long, very fluffy and very cute! Woolly doges are born randomly and very rarely, and therefore cannot be created like regular Doges. It’s up to pure luck for a Momma and Daddy Doge to have a Woolly Doge in their litter. Celebrities spend 5x the price for these eccentric fur balls because of how rare and cute they are.
Woolly Doge is the fluffiest doge of the Doge family. He was the only doge in the family born with extra long fur, which makes him very rare and extremely cute. The rest of the doge family makes fun of Woolly, but secretly they envy him. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but to collapse on the floor and start crying when I look at Woolly Doge because he’s so darn cute!
Woolly spent his first days getting bullied by his brothers and sisters, especially Mini doge. They would bite him, and drag him around by his long fur coat, but they couldn’t hurt him because his fur was so thick! This has made Woolly Doge by far the most resilient of all the doges. One day, when Woolly was playing in the front of the Doge family’s mansion home, his jealous sister Mini Doge pushed him into the street, right in front of a speeding car! Woolly rolled into the cars path… ‘Skreeeeeeetch’ went the car! What happened next, made the entire Doge family drop their jaws. To their shock and surprise, the speeding car bounced off of Woolly Doge, doing a front flip over itself and landed perfectly on it’s wheels and kept on driving. Fearing for Woolly’s life, all the Doges ran over to see if Woolly was alright. Woolly Doge was LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Woolly Doge’s extra fuzzy fur acted as a shock absorber and didn’t feel a thing!
Tokenomics :
✅ TOKEN NAME: WoollyDoge
✅ Total Suply : 1,000,000,000
✅ 7% Doge per transaction for holders
✅ 2% Transaction Marketing/Buyback
✅ 1% To Liquidity
🔥 Why should you invest in WoollyToken🔥
✅ Verified contract
✅ Lp lock 1 year
✅ 💯 Safu NO dev wallet
✅ 100% community owned
✅ No rug
✅ Tons of Marketing plans
✅ Easy x100 Profit
The WoollyDoge team has a strong roadmap with big plans for growing the community, huge marketing pushes, giveaways and a smart contract audit just to name a few. between the pending btok application, and the 30k poocoin marketing budget our community will be excited they joined the woolly community.
Once this hits CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap theres a good chance you will regret not checking them out sooner.
Contract: 0xa07b41fe4fac83d1a194106173f69c3b32dfc777
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa07b41fe4fac83d1a194106173f69c3b32dfc777
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xD12Fa052E39ceB59E2bd101D49E499C91592d85a
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa07b41fe4fac83d1a194106173f69c3b32dfc777#readContract
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2021.10.22 04:47 KovoNKun smug rushia

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2021.10.22 04:47 yadok I didn't even deserve a goodbye

You were here yesterday and next day you left without even a goodbye
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2021.10.22 04:47 MOMAtteo79 SQUID GAME Skyline Architecture

SQUID GAME Skyline Architecture 오징어 게임 SQUID GAME Skyline Architecture
Total parts: 445 - 143 Different Measures: 44,8 x 9,2 x 8,6 studs 35.9 x 6,4 x 7,9 cm 14.1 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches
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2021.10.22 04:47 henrythrill Going to get the new macbook pro for production

I am thinking of getting the MAX chip just to make sure about CPU and should I get space grey or silver? thinking about silver because its that classic color.
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2021.10.22 04:47 Friendly_Shark47 Notify me

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2021.10.22 04:47 Deuce_part_deux When you stick your cock into the Kathy Griffin...

It gets all bendy, right???
Serious answers only.
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2021.10.22 04:47 BlackShadow007 [HIRING] Head of Marketing at Rarible DAO

Rarible DAO is a decentralized organization governed by $RARI tokenholders. The organization is focused on growing the ecosystem of projects and creators in the broader Rarible Ecosystem, which includes rarible.com (NFT marketplace with $40 million trading volume in April 2021) and many other projects building on Rarible Protocol. There is no legal entity for the DAO, and all members are paid in crypto as freelancers.
You can find information on the protocol at rarible.org. Our community and group of workers operate openly in our Discord server, which anyone can join.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs for short) are the next generation crypto-native entities that in many ways are considered the future of work and governance. Please only apply to this job if you are eager and brave enough to live and breath the future of work!
Apply here: https://crypto.jobs/jobs/head-of-marketing-at-rarible-dao
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2021.10.22 04:47 triplem6969 Where can I find interactive screens ?

Been looking for them for a while but I haven't found any.
Can someone help ?
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2021.10.22 04:47 sankyturds Um… I don’t think I’m supposed to be in the future

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2021.10.22 04:47 Revolutionary-Lab-36 How viable is the Ipad Pro to graphic and motion designers?

Hey guys, I have had my first ipad (pro M1 11") for almost two months now. Apart from the beautiful display, form factor, ease of use for consumption (news, reader, youtube), I have not found much use for it as a graphic designer.
Yes it can design logos on procreate, yes there are vector based apps. As an illustration device it is more than I had asked for but I find myself leaning more towards using my MBP for my regular design tasks because I am used to the interface and hence, better workflow..
You are more than welcome to say otherwise, I have several questions:

  1. For graphic/motion designers out there, how do you use your Ipad? Any work samples that you have done purely on ipad? How viable is it for branding?
  2. Is there an ipad app for professional type designers (like Glyphs)?
  3. Are there non-2D/after effects-equivalent apps for motion design on the iPad?
Thank you.
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2021.10.22 04:47 jeromey2j bryan and cena down bad for the the bellas

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2021.10.22 04:47 YoungEroticaMML 3774 1706 9942 gifts

Gift daily
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2021.10.22 04:47 No_Sun_3857 Bed arrangements khomada

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2021.10.22 04:47 Ok_Quantity430 Baby Doge Rise tiny marketcap gem! X100 moonrun - trusted team, dev doxxed - Just Launched 🚀

💭What is Baby Doge Rise?!?
Here you have come to the right place if you are looking for your next 100% community owned moonshot token. Bringing the Buy-Back concept into crypto Every Rip must have a Dip 📉 So every Dip must have a Rip 📈
In the BABY DOGE RISE protocol, the coins are bought back from the market automatically through pancake swap and then burned. This immediately increases the value of the circulating supply. We invite you to be part of this new innovative concept and join as early investors💰 Our community is unmatched in Team work, communication, and execution. Be a part of something innovative!
📄 Tokenomics 📄 total 10% every transactions

Useful links:
Contract: 0xbd37f5145c4f846ce30e0ac07be7f7901ac6b050
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xbd37f5145c4f846ce30e0ac07be7f7901ac6b050
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xbd37f5145c4f846ce30e0ac07be7f7901ac6b050#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x47408AeeF918b1497747e4a59D92b29AE790b305
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2021.10.22 04:47 Kuraetor Formed HRE, What to do with kingdom Titles?

Just ago formed HRE(Italy is not part yet but will be moment my wife dies, was not easy... I left like 100s of murders behind me) and now question risen up in my mind:What about kingdoms?
Should I get rid of them to not have very powerful vassal relatives or let them be to guarantee my family's place in empire? I will still have entire Italy after my death anyway
My long term plan is replacing vassals of HRE with my dynasty members (yes, I am not Karlings. I started as count, thank you :D ) so elections will be just a way to pick best ruler among my dynasty, so in very long term I prefer having very decentralized HRE.
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2021.10.22 04:47 SzegedNewsBotka Teljes útlezárás az 5-ös számú főúton

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2021.10.22 04:47 kylenowski Audioengine HD3 Wireless Speakers - $350 - (7/1/2022) {US} {CA}

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2021.10.22 04:47 ZoolShop Worldcoin is a dystopian nightmare, packaged as a crypto scam where VCs are harvesting biometrics of poor people, and expecting to profit from it. Shameful

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