Day 2

2021.09.20 04:59 Brilliant_Piglet_358 Day 2

Anxious af Messed up sleep past two days adding more to anxiety Night sweats Crazy dreams (dont mind those :D)
Hope it will get better soon..
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2021.09.20 04:59 AnuBonk (REPOST) Hottest Cat In Town [September 22nd][7pm EST / 23:00 UTC]

Game Type: Investigation
Duration: 4-5 hours
Players: 5-6
You get a notice on your commlink for a job, the image of the requester seems to be an alias known as "Hobo Joe.
"Is this thing on? Yeah I've put out some feelers and I need some outside help, something fishy is goin on and I can't make heads or tails of it."
Please post the following:
Last Date of Run:
Character Sheet:
Any IC bits you may want to add.
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2021.09.20 04:59 Emergency_Novel "Megalodon" giants spread over the ocean..

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2021.09.20 04:59 newchurner255 Loved how Otis saved Ruby as "X-Tina" on his phone :)

Because she was dressed as Christina Aguilera at that party. Love the small details.
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2021.09.20 04:59 RamuTheHoliestBaba Starinsky be like

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2021.09.20 04:59 Disastrous-Nebula463 Did ETERNALBLUE alone cause more economic damage than all terrorist attacks in the last 20 years caused?

I know that it caused more damage than the terrorist attacks of September 11, but what about if you count all of the terrorist attacks in the world for the last 2 decades?
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2021.09.20 04:59 alexrich123 What was your dream job as a child compared to what you actually do now?

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2021.09.20 04:59 Eventsecurity604 Is cyberpunk fixed yet or should I wait another year?

I stopped playing on release day after a few hours. I don't want to have any immersion breaking bugs or lack of content to make the city feel empty. I am okay with waiting another year, do you think its worth it to wait?
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2021.09.20 04:59 CDNEmpire Test

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2021.09.20 04:59 Marceleleco A girl that is into me keeps making excuses to avoid dates with me. What to do?

Met her at the end of July in a bus night trip to another town. I was going to make a test for a police job while she was in vacation with two other friends. At the end of the bus trip I asked her number and we have been talking since then.
Since coronavirus is still going strong in our country and her university classes have been online, she went back to her hometown to save the money from renting an apartment, so we couldn't meet since that bus trip. But we have been talking pretty much everyday and she clearly shows interest in me. She starts most of the conversations, sends me memes, ask about my family, job, hobbies... It was clear as day to me that she was interested.
Now this week, since she would have a practical test, she had to come back to town and managed to convince her parents to let her stay until the end of the semester. I invited her to a date so we could finally talk face to face and she seemed hyped about it, but when it's close she always come up with an excuse. First time she had plans with her friends, second time she had to go to church with her sister (which is weird because she doesn't have a nice relationship with her sister), and yesterday she just said she had to go somewhere else with her sister (didn't even say where). At first I thought that she was insecure about meeting me and I don't liking her, because she has demonstrated a few times to be insecure about her looks, even tho she is quite cute. But now I feel she is just avoiding me. I don't want to pressure her so I will not ask openly if she is avoiding me, but I also don't like to be treated like that. She still talks to me and even said something like "hello handsome" this morning, so I'm assuming she is still interested.
What to do in this situation? Keep asking her out or just tell her to set a date when she is available? I'm a 28 male and she is 21 female btw.
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2021.09.20 04:59 JCruz0897 Getting a few nights in the mountains before the snow rolls in

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2021.09.20 04:59 SuperKyleJ Looking for some advice to get my dog over her fear.

So a little back story, my dog and cat stay home alone when i go to work. One day i came home and found my smoke detector playing this loud sharp tone every 10-15 seconds. it was like the low battery sound but much louder. My dog was freaked and and hiding in the closet, when i came in i pulled the batteries out the smoke detector to stop it then tried to console my dog who wanted out the house asap, i have no clue how long that thing had been going off. She refused to come in for hours so i sat outside with her then took her on a short walk. When we came home she still didn’t want to go inside, well i had to go pickup my girl from work so i brought the dog with me. When we got back the dog was still reluctant to come inside but she eventually did.
On to my problem, whenever i get a text my dog starts crying and leaves the room. I think it reminds her of the smoke detector incident. I’ve tried changing my text tone but they all bother her. I work in a job where i get upwards of 100 texts a day, mostly during business hours when I’m at work but some after hours when I’m home. How can i get my dog to be comfortable around my phone after what she went through?
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2021.09.20 04:59 BforBrand 22 M Need some homies

What’s up y’all. Just moved away from my home town and lost pretty much all my old friends. Looking for anyone to talk to, play games, hang out with.
I’m down to pretty much do anything. I love anything outdoorsy. Love video games, have a ps4 and a Pc. Love cooking, art, kick backs, museums, tattoos, animals, movies, anything spooky, beer.
But wait there’s more.
Firefighting, kayaking, fishing, skeet.
But really hit me up I’m a pretty open book
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2021.09.20 04:59 TorsoMode001 In case anyone was wondering what comes in the disguise set

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2021.09.20 04:59 beautifulbastard22 I can make some retro style chiptune music for your game maybe some art even

Hey, i'm 15, i've been composing music for 3 years now, i oftenly make some chiptune tracks, but not only, i just feel like for video games it would be easier for it to fit this way. I've been trying to create games since i was about 9 yo, but recently i realized i really hate coding. I can do a little bit of pixelart too, and i prefer to do it monochrome for style, it's not my specialty, but i could try that too. Below i'll link a song a i made and a pixelart i made too.
Here's a vargshroom i made a couple of months ago, it appeared on stream, jo's house, i'm still happy about that.

here's a song i recently made, it's not all chiptune, but i've made completely chiptune songs before; it still has some chiptune elements to it tho.

idk, just wanted to work on a game but i can't really code. Not looking for anything much serious, maybe just someone working on a passion project that i could be useful in
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2021.09.20 04:59 Post-YouTube Published on YouTube: Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley | LIVE from YAF's Free Enterprise Leaders Conference

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2021.09.20 04:59 chazzyterps looking for 2 [NA] [PS4]

new to the game would prefer to play with people with mics 18+ drop psn or add chazzybrah
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2021.09.20 04:59 Visual-Tiger I just watched Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes and my friend and I were wondering something. Was Tarzan still a virgin when he left the jungle?

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2021.09.20 04:59 jbird181 Mirror image of trees reflected in Mill Creek in Hogback Ridge Park in Madison, Ohio

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2021.09.20 04:59 Solid_Desk1679 Trading ayaka account , with high event pity

Ar30 Na server 5- ayaka 4- yanfei , sayu , c1sucrous ,xingqiu , Chang Yun , Ning Wang,Bai dou, others 60+ event pity
LF: xiao (or) Zhongli starters
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2021.09.20 04:59 Optimal-Shelter-3827 man and redit

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2021.09.20 04:59 Ok-Salamander1793 By looking at my birth chart, do you think I would be destined/fit for fame? (I'm just curious lol

By looking at my birth chart, do you think I would be destined/fit for fame? (I'm just curious lol
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2021.09.20 04:59 Hitokiri2 Who Would You Hire For the #45 Seat?

The #45 seat at Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing is literally one of the most contested seats in Indycar right now. It also seems to be a fight between three drivers - Santino Ferrucci, Christian Lundgaard, and Oliver Askew. All three drivers had some impressive runs (run in Lundgaard's case) and all are young talented drivers. If it were up to you who would you say deserves the drive?
You don't have to list down the reason why just typing in a name would be okay but it's up to you.
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2021.09.20 04:59 joIIibee XQCTECHNO JAMMING

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2021.09.20 04:59 ChemistCreative4639 Flertada com menina no insta

Respondi uma foto de uma menina no insta e ela respondeu de volta como devo prosseguir agora? Ser direto ao ponto?
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