r/ethtrader - George provides the best trading tips

2021.09.20 04:58 svanapps r/ethtrader - George provides the best trading tips

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2021.09.20 04:58 charliekwalker Not a perfect circle, but a perfectly delicious.

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2021.09.20 04:58 UniversityInfinite45 Helps!

I am on tray 17 out of 44. My two front teeth are definitely not tracking! I have brought up my concerns with my ortho since they stopped tracking back on tray 12 and she told me not to worry about it and that she would tackle those in refinements. My problem is that now it seems like one of my lateral incisors is beginning to not track and it seems like it has a lot to do with my front teeth not tracking. I brought this up again with my ortho but again she didn’t offer much help. I’m feeling very annoying and at times wish I never started Invisalign. Can anyone tell me if they went through something similar or offer any advice on what I should do. I would greatly appreciate it!!
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2021.09.20 04:58 vegetepal Or they cut the cuff off for the photo op

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2021.09.20 04:58 _humanracing_ Is this allowed? Beans in campfire meal.

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2021.09.20 04:58 Sufficient-Bus-8688 SDC!! LETS GO@!

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2021.09.20 04:58 Lost_My_Keys Skyrim SE Beginner's Modding for 2021 Questions

For a little background, I modded heavily with Skyrim Classic back in 2016-2017. I experimented with MO2, ENB's, WyreBash and a little TESEdit. I quit modding for a couple years after this time frame.
I never dove into Skyrim SE. Are there any new steps or MUST have mods for this? I also plan on giving it a huge graphical facelift.
Something else that is completely new to me is Wabbajack. As for a slightly experienced modder, should I experiment with this? Should I download one and tweak it? Or if someone could link me some in-depth information about the Wabbajack mod lists I'd appreciate it!
Thank you
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2021.09.20 04:58 Sub_aaru "nope, not today!"

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2021.09.20 04:58 Mordencranst Got my first fork today! Nobody at my club seemed that impressed though...

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2021.09.20 04:58 deefswen Did Newt Gingrich Just Define the Winning Message Against Democrats

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2021.09.20 04:58 ThatKoffeeBurns Natalie Portman & Gary Oldman goofing around on the set of (Leon) The Professional in 1993

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2021.09.20 04:58 braiel Regarding GIM losing all tradeable items when deciding to stay a GIM after leaving a group.

So, I had a bit of a showerthought tonight when wondering if I'd be able to earn enough points in Leagues 3 to buy all the unlockables like Twisted blueprints, the Home tele animations and most importantly the twisted horns. If we were to purchase the twisted horns and then either leave or be removed from our group for whatever reason prior to being able to create the helm should we decide to stay as a GIM and continue in a new group we would lose those twisted horns, we could avoid this by simply not purchasing the horns until after we've bought the ability from slayer masters but I'm sure some people would end up buying them as banking them for later. I hope we can either come up with a solution where having tradeable items like that which are purchased with a limited currency like league points are refunded their point amount when being removed or an option/warning when buying them on a GIM to make them into an untradeable version which won't be removed simply to avoid anyone losing out on something as "limited edition" in a sense as items purchased with league reward points.
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2021.09.20 04:58 braedmmmm idk

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2021.09.20 04:58 Supras2020 Hit Marshall Canyon Trail in La Verne, CA 3rd time riding trails. Pretty sick downhill. Took a small little slam and reopened a healing wound of a previous slam 😁🤘 but had loads of fun going down...not up 😂. Hope to get better with my breathing.

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2021.09.20 04:58 Cleetus_has_arrived "Father"


Lillian sat on her pink chair in front of her father as he steadily hummed and brushed her blonde hair. Lillian’s father is the man that wakes her up each morning, feeds her and takes care of her. However, he isn’t her father and she’s his “daughter”. Lillian adjusted her tank top, and sighed. 
“What’s wrong dear?” The man said in a sweet tone.
“Nothings wrong. I just don’t feel too well.”
The man stopped brushing her hair and turned her chair to face him. He put the back side of his hand on her forehead and frowned with concern.
“You’re a bit warm, but hopefully nothing to worry about.”
Lillian disliked the word nothing. It reminded her of what she had, which was nothing. This man had kidnapped her from her family and made her life absolutely miserable. The reason why he took her is unknown. All Lillian knows is that this man thinks and believes that she’s his daughter. Lillian’s theory is that he somehow lost his daughter in a freak accident, but knowing how this man treated her led Lilian to believe that he could have her. Being next to him made her throat clamp up and feel like she was suffocating. She couldn’t scream or cry, she couldn’t run, and she couldn’t hide. Lillian had nothing. The weight of being powerless and hopeless engulfed her entire being.
Lillian hated being called that horrendous name he gave her, “Mallory”. The name made her feel even more trapped in this horrible situation. Personally, Lillian loved her name. Not many people had a name like hers and it made her feel special. But being called Mallory left a terrible taste in her mouth and a pit in the bottom of her stomach.
Smiling happily, the man tapped her shoulder and she stood up. He pointed to the mirror. “You look so pretty. Don’t you think so?” Lillian turned to look at the mirror next to her and forced a smile. The man rested his hands on her shoulders and lightly squeezed them for a response.
Lillian nodded. “Yes, it looks very nice. Thank you.”
“Thank you?...” The man squeezed her shoulders once more, and held her with a tight clench.
“Thank you, father.”
“That’s more like it!”
Lillian and her “father” had a strict routine that they followed everyday. Wake up, eat, homeschool, lunch, TV, play, dinner, bath and bed. For as long as she can remember they followed the same routine. Currently her time was between play and dinner because it made her the safest and most secure.
The man took Lillian’s hand and walked her into the dining room where food was laid out on the table.
“It’s your favorite. I made cornish hens, mashed potatoes and cake for dessert.”
Lillian knew this was not her favorite food, but she also knew something bad would happen if she didn’t say it was. But she again forced a smile, and nodded.
Her “father” pulled out a chair for her and sat her down. He then excitedly clapped his hands and smiled. “You wait here. I have something for you.”
Lillian’s eyes widened as she feared for the worst.
“What is it? What do you have for me?”
“Now, now silly girl. You’ll see.” He said walking out of the dining room.
Panicked, Lillian quickly darted under the table, seeking some kind of safety from what the man would do. She held her knees close to her head. Her knuckles turned a bright white as she gripped her legs, preparing herself for what was coming. Her seconds turned into hours, as she sat curled in the fetal position. She could only hope the worst wouldn’t come. Horrific thoughts flooded into her head as she sat under the table, all she wanted was for this nightmare to end. But this isn’t the way she wanted it to end. After what felt like hours she heard the man call out. 
“Mallory.” He said sweetly.
Lillian didn’t answer.
“Mallory.” He repeated.
Lillian crawled out from under the table, and looked at him with pure fear in her eyes. “Mallory isn’t my name.”
The man raised one of his eyebrows. “Yes it is. You’re my Mallory.” He stood in front of her, and intimidatingly towered over her small figure. The man raised his voice.“Your name is Mallory.”
“No. My name is Lillian.”
“Lillian isn’t my daughter’s name. My daughter’s name is Mallory. You are Mallory.”
“No. I’m not Mallory. My name is Lillian!”
The man violently jerked Lillian up by her arms and made eye contact with her. The man held her close to his face and his dark brown eyes pierced her soul. Sternly he repeated. “You are Mallory. Are you not?”
Fearful, Lillian quickly nodded. “Yes. I’m Mallory.”
“You’re my daughter. You are Mallory.” He repeated.
With tears coming to Lillian’s eyes she responded. “Yes. I’m Mallory! I’m your daughter.”
Finally satisfied, her “father” knelt down in front of her and held her close to him in a tight hug. “You’re my Mallory.” He said in a soft, cracked voice. 
With tears running down her cheeks, Lillian agreed with her “father” once again. As he held her in his arms she questioned how she got into this situation. She beat herself up everyday for trusting him, she regretted her decisions and she wondered what would’ve happened if she had made different choices.
“All I want is another chance to be a good father. I wasn’t there for Mallory, but I can be there for you. You’re my second chance.”
Lillian still didn’t respond, she was too shaken up from the previous encounter to formulate a valid answer.
As a last resort to get her to respond, the man pulled a golden necklace with a heart shaped locket out of his pocket. He then opened the locket to reveal a picture of him and a girl who was identical to Lillian. “Look.” He said as he tapped the picture inside the locket. “It’s us. You have her blonde hair, her beautifully chiseled nose and her sweet voice. You’re even the same height. You’re my Mallory.”
As much as she’d hate to admit it, she did look exactly like her. Lilian didn’t want to feel sympathy for this man, but she couldn’t help it. This man’s mind has rotted to mush after losing his daughter, how couldn’t she feel sympathy for him? A debate in her mind started about whether or not she could feel for him. She remembered how the man was before and how his current attitude constantly changed. It was like flicking a light switch. She thought about what started this, how he lured her in with promises of sweet candy and how she innocently got into his car. A few moments ago he jerked her around like a piece of furniture. Now they lay on the dining room floor with her cradled in his arms. 
“You know, today’s your birthday. I thought you’d remember. I made you cake and I got you your locket.”
Lillian’s hopelessness settled in, as she laid there in his arms. The only choices she had were to either agree with the psychotic man, or be badly hurt defying him. In this situation she couldn’t choose the ladder because she highly feared the other option. All Lillian could do was wish someone would come to her rescue, someone like a prince or a knight in shining armour. She knew it would never happen, but it was reassuring to have a solid hopeful thought.
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2021.09.20 04:58 coalrexx Another one bites the dust, and another one, and another one, and another, and another…

I’m starting to see a pattern here
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2021.09.20 04:58 I_Love_Fox Happy because I started 0-2 and finished 7-2 in this draft tonight.

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