2021.09.20 03:55 ZoobBot 173999

This is the 173999th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.09.20 03:55 WillyM35 I am buying calls on workhorse, LEAPS. You got this long term sensible investor off the sidelines.

I didnt do gamestop, i didnt do AMC, I will do this one. Lets stick it to these wall street fucksticks.
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2021.09.20 03:55 quicknedd Evil Plant

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2021.09.20 03:55 Expensive_Scratch_41 Please listen to me

A while back I got tossed aside etc
I almost took my life as well multiple times
I became so toxic and filled with pain etc Because the woman…sorry girl I loved(can’t be a woman/man if you act like a child)
Anyways I don’t even know why but I tried and tried to talk to her to understand and the more I hate her and her answers…because everything she said contradicted her actions….
Well I went NC for a while…I went back to work still with high anxiety attacks and panic attacks and would still break down at work
So anyways I have been alright so far…….and then I started messaging her every other day…I don’t even know why oh wait I do…because I still love her….and I haven’t stopped buuut what’s funny…she messaged yesterday and I didn’t even replied but she said
“Hey Im getting my internet back on Monday do you want to get together and do something on PlayStation”
And of course I said “Sure”
Well I go on my PlayStation she added me lol I accepted
And I go on Genshin and I see her card info “I love my bear pooh “
I felt a bit hurt but i was fine I didn’t feel like crying or anything…..
I asked her
*what are your intentions?, I’m just curious because you want to do something together out of the blue.you brushed me off constantly when I was trying to understand and figure things out but as it seems you’re in a relationship with a piece of shit you constantly complained about? Anyways be straight with me. What are your intentions? And she said
Blah blah so much was said and done and now you’re asking me all these questions…I only asked because of a friendship
And I said no I told you many times….I don’t want to be your friend etc but it’s all good.
Anyways I blocked her immediately but I will say this…..before I started messaging her again It took a lot of energy and time to reinforce my mind and myself
Now….I will tell this to everyone else….do not text your ex, do not contact them or see them.
Doesn’t matter how much you love them…don’t talk to them just let the past be the past and don’t try to fix things with them.
I’m saying that because that’s what I wanted to do…I wanted to fix things with them and have something new But I always got the “I’m not ready for a relationship I got things to figure out etc.”
Yeah that’s all bullshit. If they tell you that…then assume they’re with someone else.
I’m saying that because that’s the same bs answer she kept giving me and then she’s with a jackass that she bitched about constantly lol…oh she had cheated on me btw which was when I was almost killing myself etc She denied it from start to finish until her death as it seems. Since she constantly accused me of cheating etc or using social media to dm other chicks when I didn’t do shit but work sleep and spend time with her and be there for her. But anyways please don’t contact your ex no matter what. Once they’re gone then they’re gone. Just think of them as being dead
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2021.09.20 03:55 Xaldex [US-PA] [H]PayPal [W] Digimon DS Games

Hey all!
Like the title states, I'm looking for Digimon World DS/Dawn/Dusk/Championship.
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.09.20 03:55 Tricky-Ad-9722 Magic academy with romance

Hello I have been looking for some books with magic and some romance but I haven’t really found one that I liked, any recommendations.
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2021.09.20 03:55 King_Skipper44 My First Post! 3d Printed D&D Miniatures!

I finally got around to making a proper reddit account and figured my first day should start with a first post! These are the miniatures my roommate and i have been printing, I'm going to try m hand at painting soon, but i figured while they where new and fresh a post would be fun!
Id love links to other minis to check out!
Any tips and tricks appreciated!
(Links for the prints in pic!)
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2021.09.20 03:55 Sodapop112 Old navy 10$ off 25$ expires in 5 hours

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2021.09.20 03:55 Dannig178 Jimena Pérez

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2021.09.20 03:55 Loki_762 Brutal burst cannon roll - wiped out a SM Sergeant in one shot…

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2021.09.20 03:55 DorkeyTree What is the metric version of a 6inch dick?

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2021.09.20 03:55 Impressive_Race8453 Fixed and rebooted

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2021.09.20 03:55 doesnotexist1000 [US-VA] [H] CRP Black Desko/Orange Cyrillic, Infinikey BoW, GMK Eclipse Purple Accents, JWK Switches, USB C + USB Mini End Detachable Coiled Cable with both USB C/USB Mini Ends, Artisans, etc [W] Cash/Paypal/etc

Hello, trying to sell some stuff I don't use/want anymore, Would also trade but looking for some pretty specific things.
Please leave a comment before messaging. I would prefer PM over Chat for easier bookkeeping.
[WTS] Prices include shipping to CONUS Unless noted otherwise, 1 free item per order
Not FCFS, Trades and Bundles take priority, Prices are OBO(Or Best Offer) so feel free to make offers

Item Timestamp/Description Price
Infinikey Black on White Set Kitting shown here Mounted once, typed on maybe once. Timestamp $130 OBO
CRP R3 Black Desko + 65/75 Beige + HHKB Beige Kits New Timestamp $275 OBO
CRP R4 Orange cyrillic + 60s + Green Cross winkey kits Kitting shown here (has extra B) New Timestamp $165 OBO
GMK Eclipse Purple Accent Kit New Timestamp $35 OBO
67g JWK Manufactured Everglide Coral V2 Pro Switches (Linears) x 199 New, Lubed Timestamp $0.35 each + $5 shipping CONUS (Example: $33 for 70 shipped, $41 for 90 shipped, $49 for 110 shipped) OBO
Geekcable Black/Orange Detachable Coiled "lemo" Cable with USB-C and USB mini Ends New Timestamp $60 OBO
Donutcat Thick Coiled OG USB Mini Cable New Timestamp $18 OBO
Plier Style Switch Opener x2 New Timestamp $3 each (free with purchase)
Red aluminum Square Switch Opener Works for cherry and kailh style switches, New Timestamp $10 OBO
[WTS - Artisans]
1 N/A Polymer Salon Oil Slick Murray - $45 Nightcaps/ETF Blue Variegation Fugthulhu + Moonblank $115 🠔
2 Keyforge Taro Spook - $65 Keyforge NaCl (Salt) Spook - $65 Keyforge Rorschach Spook - $65 Nightcaps/ETF Aethercore Moonblank - $28
3 Nightcaps/ETF Astral Dioxazine Moonblank - $28
[WTB/WTTF] Anything on my WTS charts are up for trades
GMK Burgundy R2 Base + Hangul Alphas
GMK Pulse Novelties Kit(Just the Turquoise on Black Keys, but willing to buy/trade entire kit if not willing to split)
Ritual Master Watchers
Ritual Master Cold cast caps
Obligator Keypora
Keypora with 5+ Colors
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2021.09.20 03:55 riabe Klaus & Hayley were bad parents....

Its actually amusing that they made a loophole baby the central story of this show because until around season 4 all they did was hand Hope over to any and everyone.
The amount of times they intentionally put their family at risk and antagonized people full well knowing they had an innocent daughter at home who anyone could retaliate against and who likely couldn't protect herself back then (stopping a car is one thing, it doesn't mean a baby Hope could protect herself against all threats) is abysmal.
Obviously it's tough filming with a baby but again, why make a magical pregnancy one of your main plot lines if the baby became a hot potato that no one wanted around?
Season 3 is the worse in all this. I know people don't like Jackson but him telling Hayley off for jumping whenever then Mikaelsons were in trouble instead of being around for her daughter was accurate. The thing is no one was even asking for her help half the time, she left her child and inserted herself in conflict when she didn't need to. And Klaus is just as bad, if not worse because he actively went about creating enemies. At the very least Hayley was usually reacting.
Now yes, if anyone actually harmed Hope the Mikaelsons would tear them apart but the fact is Hope would have still been dead and they had many enemies who were stupid and arrogant enough to not think of the consequences before doing it.
Like I said, Klaus and Hayley were both horrid parents, Klaus even more so. Fighting for your child and being there for your child emotionally and physically are not the same thing. Both Klaus and jHayley were more than willing to fight for Hope but they weren't willing to raise her. Hayley clearly did when she had no other choice between S3 and S4 but after S4 Hope was also shipped off to Caroline's boarding school during witch Klaus's own maintain made him avoid his daughter for years lol.
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2021.09.20 03:55 grumpyybear [Activity] Reveal Your Moral Alignment Quiz

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2021.09.20 03:55 acxdrattt Could this have caused my chronic dissociation?

Sorry for ranting i feel stupid for even writing this.
After my last post i've been thinking about my past trauma and if perhaps this could've caused my dissociation (and possibly my bpd as-well). I'll just get right into it i guess.
Like alot of babies I was glued to my mother since the day i was born, we were inseparable. I was like this until i was three and then my parents divorced. My dad got full custody of me and i basically never saw my mom for the next couple of years ( Im adding this is because i heard separation from a parent at a young age can be traumatic for some people ). Then around the age of 5 or 6 i got monitored visitation with my mom for three hours every two weeks. I loved my mom so much we always had such a fun time but then every time it was time to leave and go back to my dad and stepmoms house i would cry and scream and my dad and step mom would yell at me and put me in my room and let me cry and scream for hours upon hours sometimes for up to 4+ hours i would scream. My throat would get scratchy and raw and i wouldn't sleep for days. My dad/stepmom would leave me in my room to do this and would never try to calm me down. sometimes i would even hit myself in the head and hit my head on walls because the emotions were to strong for me to handle. I guess this was an early form of self harm for me. This happened every two weeks after visitation for a long time.
(TW sexual assault)
Something else significant that happened when i was about 6 was i was sexually assaulted at a church after school program. i told my dad and step mom and they told the cops and an investigation was opened and the guy was never found but thats besides the point. I entered therapy around this time and in first grade i was prescribed adderall. i stayed on this until i was about 11.
When i was 9 i began my dissociation. I woke up in the middle of the night not feeling real, like i was still dreaming and detached. I haven't felt the same since.
In the 6th grade i was still barely seeing my mother and things were getting harder for me. We moved two states away and thats when i feel i really lost it. I began self harming and i was still in therapy and i was getting loaded with meds. Ive been on so many medications that i dont really remember what i was on at this time.
Skipping ahead age 11 my dad and i were constantly at each others throats. i hated him for keeping me from my mother. We were fighting almost daily. It got violent at times and cops have been called on occasion. One day he had enough and he called my mom at 1 in the morning and told her to come get me he didn't want to deal with me anymore. She drove for 8 hours in the middle of the night and came and got me. I moved in with her and he signed over his rights.
Moving ahead i was 13 and i met this boy, we were really good friends for a few years and on top of that we were neighbors so i saw him pretty much daily (he was 3 years older then me). I trusted him with everything.
(TW R*pe)
basically he r*ped me when i was 15, im not gonna get into it.
Since then nothing i can think of has been traumatic for me. My dissociation is worsening daily and i feel that im losing touch with reality. I dont think i ever stop dissociating it just gets less bad at times and then sometimes its really bad.
Could all of this combined have caused my dissociation and/or my borderline personality disorder? Im just now exploring the thought that maybe this could be it and i want to look into special types of therapy to help me.
Also i feel like people have experienced things alot worse then this and didn't start dissociating which is why im confused. Is it just the way different people process things? Maybe im just not good at processing trauma? I dont even know what im asking anymore. im tired and rambling sorry for the rant.
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2021.09.20 03:55 PrettyyyyPrettyGood Followed meatheads recipe for chuck roast and it was still too tough to be pulled, even though it reached 205 degrees. What did I do wrong?

It separated with a bit of resistance, but it didn't pull easily, just tore into chunks, mostly. I followed the recipe exactly as it instructed and it didn't pull like I expected it to. Going to check my thermometer tomorrow and make sure it's accurate, but last I checked, it was perfectly accurate in boiling water. Is 205 too low for pulling? Is it possible I did something wrong?
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2021.09.20 03:55 Ok-Neighborhood7366 post cray shit

post some of cray
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2021.09.20 03:55 bflannery10 Who is Gabby Petito and why should I care that she's missing?

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2021.09.20 03:55 Jesushasmyheart Have you overcome depression?

Has anyone overcome major depressive disorder without the use of antidepressants? I guess I’m wondering if anyone has a testimony of how they overcame it by using God’s Word.
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2021.09.20 03:55 Physical-Syrup Karen pays for another clients purchase by skipping queue and not listening

I just witnessed a thing of beauty and need to share. I'm Australian and was at Officeworks (our print/copy store) which has just introduced a newish system where there is a single machine to purchase a pre loaded card, which you then take to dozens of machines to do your printing/scanning etc.
So there was a young Muslim woman who the staff was helping load her card, then get set up on a printing machine etc. I would guess she is a new Australian based off her English and the government paperwork she was doing. The staff man was helping set her up.
In storms Karen who starts using the card machine and getting louder and louder and more frustrated that it won't work. She steals the staff member to her despite many of us patiently waiting for him, because she is obviously so much more important and is much more of a rush than anyone else! (Sarcasm)
She loudly shows the staff that the machine WONT WORK tapping her card multiple times and saying SEE IT STILL SAYS ZERO BALANCE despite the young worker slowly, patiently trying to tell her the steps, but she is talking over him and won't listen.
Finally once Karen stops ranting the staff explains she didn't listen and didn't do the first step: press the home button to log out of the previous clients card. So she has been repeatedly loading money onto the previous users card (the young woman he was helping prior).
Karen makes a quiet "oh" realising what she's done, silently loads her card and goes to a work station. I was waiting for her to demand her money back but she didn't thankfully. It was beautiful to watch
TL;DR Karen skips the queue, doesn't follow machine instructions, yell the machine is broken but she is actually repeatedly loading someone else's prepaid store card because she skipped a step by not listening
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2021.09.20 03:55 KlippelGiraffe Looking for an submachine gun. Need Advice.

Okay so I was going to by the EE M89A UMP45 until I heard it's unupgradable and also has a variety of accuracy and build issues that doesn't bode well for its longevity.
Other options included:
Cyma P90: Ambi controls, love the design but it doesn't have any built in side rails for a lasetorch combi which would be really helpful for the site I play it.
JG MP5: It doesn't have any rails built in but you can add them on with a clamp rail I believe. Taiwan gun doesn't have the adjustable stock right now so unless it comes back in stock, are they swappable?
I'm asking if you guys have any recommendations either of these because I really can't afford a G&G UMP45 right now and my budget can't Exceed £100, £130 at a push. I know what I'm getting with that money but apparently that UMP isn't even worth the £60-70 it costs.
Any help would be appreciated. I'm a bit lost on what my first submachine gun should actually be.
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2021.09.20 03:55 Annsulo Why are white people called white if they are actually pinkish/peachy or light brown?

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2021.09.20 03:55 memomemo14 Millenium Falcon vintage with some figures

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2021.09.20 03:55 Safe-Yak8585 Newbie

M15 been an athlete for a while, rowing, wrestling, track, soccer, etc, but never committed to weightlifting. Going to have three months and plan to do 5x5 with lots of OHP and accessory work for the arms and legs as well. If I am consistent and have decent nutrition, what's the ballpark of my muscle growth/gain, if I am eating in a surplus?
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