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All Hail the King

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2021.09.20 03:24 Overall_News5106 All Hail the King

All I can say is the Titans fans traveled well to the Northwest and our team didn’t disappoint! We have to love the talent we have in our Lord and Savior King Henry! Titan Up All Hail the King!!! 👑
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2021.09.20 03:24 Eat_Some_Weed23 I mean yes, i LOVE TOAD but the others probably .....

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2021.09.20 03:24 garchtoto Forgot I had these. Found in my closet while doing some cleaning.Nothing special but had fun wearing them today : Asics Gel Vickka TRS

Forgot I had these. Found in my closet while doing some cleaning.Nothing special but had fun wearing them today : Asics Gel Vickka TRS submitted by garchtoto to moresneakers [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 03:24 Hockeyy61 Hey yall, is my new blue ram ok?

I know blue rams can be sensitive. I’ve just got a water test at the LFS and they said everything was perfect, they even complemented me on how well my water is for how long I’ve had the tank (2 months). Today I decided to buy 2 blue rams and one is kind of acting funny. He did this like 20 minutes ago and hid with his buddy again under the plant but came back up again and did this. They’ve been in the tank for about 5 hours. Acclimated properly. Is he ok?
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2021.09.20 03:24 No-Term1450 It is very funny that rule 2 of this sub is still “no Mikey hate”

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2021.09.20 03:24 Brennuhn Storage Container Help. Brand new to the game and have no idea how to get the storage container blueprint.

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2021.09.20 03:24 Benji747 Ex girlfriend new boyfriend

Me and my ex girlfriend broke up about 2 years ago around this time. And today I stumbled upon her new boyfriends Instagram, I didn’t know she had a new boyfriend until today. And honestly I would say I had made good progress in getting over her, 2 years is a long time and naturally I thought of her less and less. I would lie if I said that she didn’t come up in my mind now and then till shit day. But getting confirmation today that she has a new boyfriend definitely shook me up. It felt like a punch in the stomach seeing something I didn’t expect. Even after two years. Does anybody have any tips on how to deal with this type of situation?
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2021.09.20 03:24 baked_withlove Laura had no idea just how many experiments she was about to be a part of

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2021.09.20 03:24 Deoxyyz My ex is trynna get my attention 🤦🏽‍♂️

Soo, I dated this girl 5 years ago and she know I really like Carti, and she is dating this dude has 3 years and today she posted a story listening to "fell in luv" with her "boyfriend" who recently asked her to marry him, and they are also expecting a baby. She's definetly tryna get my attention right? She's so ridiculous, like get over, stop being so frustrated girl.
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2021.09.20 03:24 shitonthepackers X-posted from minnesotavikings : Unpopular Opinion: There is no kicking curse. All of the kicking issues since Zimmer has been coach are his fault.

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2021.09.20 03:24 Acceptable_Ad_6039 Which celebrity deserves to be more famous than they are?

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2021.09.20 03:24 feedimo Jimmy Greaves redefined perception of what a centre-forward should be | Jonathan Wilson

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2021.09.20 03:24 EJ-Kragthorpe Hello folks I am super new to beyblading and need some help to learn the basics so I’m not to much of a noob

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2021.09.20 03:24 PM_ME_YOUR_TORNADOS What do you think of Broken Glass Sanctuary's "A Kingdom Below"?

I'll start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with the band. What do you think of their style? They have a lot of influences from black death metal, e.g., heavy slams and breakdowns, blast beats, etc. They also incorporate a lot of melodic stuff that is pretty dope. They're all bay area natives and I think they're going places. I think they might've been posted about in November last year, but not recently unless I skimmed too fast through search.
From their website:

In early 2020, BGS reformed in California's bay area with the sole mission to bring A New perspective of modern day death metal to the forefront of the scene by creating music that encompasses all the beloved characteristics of traditional death metal with elements of brutal slam, groove, and melodic death metal.
Influences: black dahlia murder, cannibal corpse, necrophagist, archspire, soreption, faceless, suffocation, enfold darkness, animosity, whitechapel, kronos
You can check out the website and the album A Kingdom Below here.
Example: Sermons from the Unholy Doctrine (Feat. Craig Borders)
That specific track gives off Crucify Me Gently vibes. That's another topic for another day.
Shit is disgusting, I wanna know what you guys think though. Peace.
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2021.09.20 03:24 Lopsided-Cry5134 H: be15 laser rifle W: be90rw level 40 flamer or be15 gp

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2021.09.20 03:24 TubaNinja099 Don’t know if this is on here already but

Don’t know if this is on here already but submitted by TubaNinja099 to dontputyourdickinthat [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 03:24 elytraman Uhh… whats andrew doing there?

Uhh… whats andrew doing there? submitted by elytraman to splatoon [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 03:24 JetGan Melo speaks on getting the call directly from LeBron to get him to join the Lakers: "You the GM n***a"

Melo speaks on getting the call directly from LeBron to get him to join the Lakers: submitted by JetGan to nba [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 03:24 themadraspaiyan Glad to refresh my status in PC Master Race after a long time!

Glad to refresh my status in PC Master Race after a long time! submitted by themadraspaiyan to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 03:24 DZH01 Uxie raid join now! Please be online!

3251 4419 9620
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2021.09.20 03:24 DegeneratelyMindful Does it matter which butcher i sell to?

Do some butchers give more money than others? Or are they all the same?
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2021.09.20 03:24 TrendingB0T /r/labradoodles hit 10k subscribers yesterday

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2021.09.20 03:24 Similar-Sink-9267 DOUGH 🍩 | Huge International marketing is here 🚀 | Live AMA in a French investor group in 1 minute! 🎉

Next marketing steps:
International Youtuber week Incoming
Website : www.doughbsc.com
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Do you like Money? Do you like Food?
⚠️Let’s make some Dough!⚠️
🔥So what is Dough? Dough is building a blockchain ecosystem around food & health related products under the Dough™️ brand.
🚀Holders benefit from unique NFTs and can earn vouchers for amazing restaurants.
Read more about the utility of Dough in our Litepaper: Website : www.doughbsc.comhttps://doughbsc.com/assets/Litepaper.pdf. ——————————————————☑️Is Dough just another fork? No, we believe in uniqueness and tastefulness in every aspect of the Dough ecosystem.
The Dough tokenomics have been carefully selected to offer holders the best reward-system on BSC!
When the price is on an uptrend holders are rewarded Cake, but when price is on a downtrend the contract automatically switches to reflections in Dough to decrease sell pressure. —————————————————— ⭐Tokenomics:
Buys: •6% LP •1% Marketing •10% switching Rewards
Sells: •6% LP •4% Marketing •2% Burn •10% switching Rewards ——————————————————
⚠️How to buy Dough?:
Dough has its own Swap on its website, but can also be purchased
⚠️Contract: 0xde7938d20e49858527e4a26516730c47c20f29c0
⚠️Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xde7938d20e49858527e4a26516730c47c20f29c0
⚠️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xde7938d20e49858527e4a26516730c47c20f29c0#readContract
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2021.09.20 03:24 anniebrowniee Is a creative writing degree necessary to being a successful writer?

Hello writing community!
So I'm in need of some advice. I have been working for the last four years on a degree (non-writing degree) and have been taking some writing and literature classes along the way. My plan was to finish my current degree and then get a second degree in creative writing. Well long story short, some circumstances have arisen that will not allow me to complete my creative writing degree (or at least will make it much more difficult to complete it in a timely manner).
I now am deciding whether or not a creative writing degree is necessary for me to have success as writer. For any of you out there that have creative writing degrees, do you think it was necessary to hone your skills? Does anyone know of any other writing classes or means to really improve your skills as a writer? (I live in Houston, Texas if anyone knows of any classes in the area) I'm trying to decide if I will regret abandoning a creative writing degree or if it won't be worth it if I do decide to complete it.
I can't help but feel like my future will be greatly impacted by this decision so thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply.
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2021.09.20 03:24 I_eat_fiberglass Cute boy appreciation post

I've done the math. I've consulted the ancient Holy text of forgotten and dead civilizations, I've communicated with Lovecraftian beings from the Ninth dimension, and opened a fortune cookie, and I have concluded:
Boys are cute. Yes, even you, in the back over there trying to hide from this compliment. You're cute as hell. Have a nice day,
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